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  1. This definitely caught my eye, Katherine because I’m feeling the same way! I have been blogging almost ten years and still love it. All the rest is mind boggling to me! I find that my mind is honestly feeling scrambled and less creative than ever and I’m pretty sure it’s from too much social media stimulation. I want to go back to just feeling creative and the back and forth sharing that goes with blogging. Maybe we just have to take a stand and not worry about it…honestly, I know the demographics of the readers of my blog and they are my age. Maybe they feel just the same!

  2. I enjoy the beauty and peace of your website. I actually can’t remember how I found you at the beginning. Social media is really a time sink.

  3. I feel the same way sometimes. I want my blogging to be well received but I also want it to be fun and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning instead of relaxing on the beach. I love your blog, TFT and BTL but I understand if you need a break. Just don’t break too long. You will be missed. 🙂

  4. I came over to read this from the BTL Facebook page…so there you have it…social media! I just cannot spend the time reading all of the blogs I would like to, so I get to the ones I like (like yours) a couple of times a month it seems. It seems on social media I can absorb a lot more information in a shorter amount of time. I do LOVE instagram, I find that I search instagram for inspiration more than I do Pinterest any more. Hang in there! HUGS! – Chloe

  5. Believe I found you through another blog, but surely not on Facebook, etc. Follow your heart in your decision to separate from social media. Your loyal followers will continue to share your message. As an artist, I appreciate the lovely content of your blog. Thanks so much.
    Blessings, Marilyn

  6. Katherine I feel the same way! I mainly use facebook to share my latest posts and Thursday Favorite Things. Instagram is a constant source of stress and the comparison game that is unhealthy, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Again, I use it to promote some important blog posts but I have cut my time way back. I am still dealing with severe health issues and some things just have to go sometimes.

  7. I come to the blog for the Thursday Favorite Things Link Up. But I always scroll on your home page first to see if there is any other post I’m interested in reading. As for social media, I rarely go to someone’s blog because of someone’s post on social media, unless it’s really something I want to see or learn more. I use to love Instagram too, but lately it’s been boring me. I think it’s the new algorithm. As for FB, again, the algorithm. I hardly see anyone’s post and all I seem to have is politics in my feed. I’ve tried to go through and “unfollow” political feeds, but they keep popping up. I think it’s the sponsored stuff. If people pay to have their posts noticed, you are going to see those posts whether you want to or not. Google and Pinterest I never look at other people’s stuff. Who has the time? I just post my own stuff.

  8. Fooey on all the the social media stuff. I get your emails and love, love each one. I love Pinterest and all the rest are not for me. I am an old, old lady and you are a great inspiration to me. Look forward to all your emails to me. God bless

  9. I totally get how you feel – I’m in the same place myself when it comes to social media. I really miss the days when blog following was in Google reader and people actually commented on posts & had a more person to person feel. I happened to see this on FB (which never lets me see most of the lovely pages I like anymore), but a normally follow you most by email.

  10. I absolutely know what you mean. I just read this and have got to go get dinner on and ready for church, so I’ll be quick–but the Facebook algorithm is a frustration for me, as well.

    I like your site because it’s really pretty. Stay encouraged, because I have the same frustrations. Will try to write more later. -Stephanie

  11. Katherine, I found you from a sidebar icon on somebody else’s blog, so not Social Media at all. Since I’m a blogger too, I totally understand frustrations with the Social media beast. Feed it all the time & it does little. Feed it occasionally and it does about the same. Now this is MY experience, I’m talking. I quit IG, Twitter long ago. G+ is an occasional & now FB is occasional. The big “P” is getting too big for its britches, LOL, but I use it the most I guess. Even it is precious little lately, yet right now I’m getting subscribers. Go figure that out.

  12. I actually do NO social media.I have only been on Pinterest for a few years and I enjoy that.Am positive I most likely found you through another blog or maybe Pinterest?I have 4 adult daughters that all do social media.Here is a good one,regarding the affect of social media.My 57th Birthday was this past Saturday,ONLY my youngest,(still lives at home);remembered!!Am STILL devastated!Guess I should be on Facebook or Instagram?!

  13. With you, Katie and Pinterest and Google Searches seem to be my bread and butter as far what drives new views to my own site. I truly do what I can on the others. But not really finding it to be much help. So I spend limited time dealing on them. And thinking it is worth investing more time in what works like Pinterest. So, I get it completely and guess it just is what it is. Happy Wednesday and hope you week has been good so far xoxo <3

  14. I am here because I subscribe to your blog through email and I enjoy reading. I don’t do much with social media, it overwhelms me. Keep doing what you do with your blog.

  15. I feel exactly the same way about social media. In fact, I just unpublished my blog’s Facebook page (that I had only recently created!) I will always visit your blog, social media or no social media. What keeps me coming back is your warmth, kindness, writing style, and beautiful photography that enhances all of it. Your blog is a lovely experience. How you are able to be so consistent is amazing to me!

  16. I don’t comment very often, but wanted you to know that I understand the desire to get off social media. I don’t do much on Facebook anymore and I don’t Twitter or Instagram. To tell the truth I don’t even do Pinterest that much. It all seems to be the same.

  17. I was a blog reader before joining on FB. I joined there when there were a few jewelry pieces I wanted. I’m not on there often, but I keep up with the blog. I enjoy your writings and projects.

  18. I have so much going on in life right now that the only way I can really keep in touch is through Facebook. I love looking at Instagram once in a while but Facebook is my only ‘link’ to everyone.

  19. I am here first for your friendship. Then for TFT and Giveaways. (I too am doing minimal social media and have been for a while.) the engagement and work is not worth it. But I guess that is a catch 22. What makes you hallpr makes me happy for you.

Love each other as God loves you xo

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