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  1. Thanks for commenting on my gift bag post…..I too am a morning person, but alas not a healthy breakfast person….your post might just change my mind 🙂 I am a new follower and hope you will do me the same honor!

  2. Hey Katherine, Once I became an adult I lost the big breakfast love. Something light and a good cup of coffee suites me just fine. I know, not the healthiest way but better than nothing!

    BTW – I sent you an email invite to triberr. Let me know if you have any questions or if you didn’t receive it!!

  3. I know “they” say you are suppose to eat breakfast; but rarely do I. Of course, I always have coffee and eat a light lunch. But it is quite rare that I ever eat breakfast unless it’s breakfast for dinner. Sad too cause I love breakfast food. Your breakfast looks absolutely awesome & the flowers are beautiful!~Hugs, M

  4. My breakfasts wouldn’t go on anyone’s list of ‘normal breakfasts’! In fact, this morning I had a ham and cheese pita type sandwich and a cup of coffee! LOL I try to have protein and fiber in the morning. I try to steer away from carbs and bready things. So no toast, bagels, etc…They just bloat me and give me an uneasy tired feeling. That’s no way to start a morning!!…But an omelet with mushrooms, peppers, and onions…and sausage?! Oh Yeah!! 🙂

  5. Your breakfast looks and sounds wonderful! I go to bed really late so I am up much later (ah, retired life!) and have what I call “brunch”, usually always have egg whites, a couple of times a week I’ll have a real egg, and I must always have a cup of freshly brewed coffee (or two!). xo

  6. You had a nice healthy breakfast today. My hubby was home this morning so I made poached eggs on toast. We had English Breakfast Tea and shared the last banana too. I always have breakfast – cereal and a banana – then sometimes yogurt mid morning. Normally hubby is out the door at 5:30 for his 1 and 3/4 hour commute to work while I stay in bed. I’m usually up by 7 and once in a long while 8. I’m finding it’s darker in the mornings now so I’m being lazy. 🙂 Have a super day! Pamela

    1. Poached eggs on toast sounds yum, perhaps that will be my next breakfast. Pamela. It’s almost always dark when I get up. But I have noticed its getting darker earlier in the evening now too. Sending hugs!

  7. If we were Neighbors I do believe I would be over EVERY morning seeing what’s for Breakfast….And maybe you my KIND neighbor would share a Little Bit with me.. : )
    Okay…then again maybe Not…I do bring a Large crowd with me…. : )

    Thank you for all your LOVELY comments…

  8. I love breakfast, too. I never seem to have time for more than a little fruit or yogurt and a piece of toast during the week, but on the weekends, I love to cook breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, pancakes ~ you name it.

  9. My “wake-up” schedule is always unknown as DH is a trucker & he is in & out at odd hours. Breakfast is my fav meal of the day. No dairy for me but there is much else to have!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

    1. I love that your wake up schedule is based around your husband. My sweet hubby could sleep until 11. I can;t stay in bed with him that long, I just end up laying there with my eyes wide open and my brain going a hundred miles an hour 🙂

  10. I’m having coffee with sugar free French vanilla cream….Ezekiel Cereal which is a heavy grain cereal that includes barley with fresh blueberries and soymilk. Breakfast has been my favorite meal my whole life!!!

  11. I’m a breakfast person. Don’t remember ever missing breakfast. Mine are very simple, just coffee and toast.

  12. I don’t do early, unless there’s something major going on that can’t wait until at least 11. My Dad would force me to eat breakfast when I was growing up. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why I hate it so much.

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