I love hate airports

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  1. Totally get this. I am so very excited as we will be heading out on Friday morning from our lcoal airport to Disney for a few days. So excited and loving the anticipation of this trip right now. But also know when we are returning, I am going to be sad, too. So makes sense to me. Hugs my friend and just glad you had a great visit with your mom. And hope you get to visit again with her soon. xoxo <3

  2. Awww, what a precious time spent with mom. I’m sure you’re counting the days until the next visit:) We used to have an old joke about O’Hare Airport, “If it’s a Friday and snowing, open your phone book and call all your friends and tell them you’re desperate for a ride to the airport. If they say, “no way,” scratch their names out…they’re really not your *friends.* LOL! –They are definitely a friend if they say they will;) And thank you, for the opportunity to win!

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