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  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! What a beautiful, meaningful name you gave her. It seems I’ve been feeling nostalgic a lot since my daughter was married well over a year ago. The years go by so fast, don’t they?! xo

  3. Had to come see your post when I saw that adorable baby pic at the TFT party. I could have written this post hahaha!! My daughter is turning 40 on November 17th this year and I am in the midst of making a scrapbook of her life for her! Please wish your beautiful daughter a very happy birthday from us!!

  4. Hi tiffany! Happy Birthday! I just love your mum! I am a Realtor and she shared her background of managing an entire office and the agents I am sure! ha! Yes, I have prayed for you and your most recent surgery!
    Your mom is a gem too! happy day from Denver. I always ask your mom what the weather is doing in Utah because it usually heads our way! laura

  5. Wishing your daughter Tiffany a wonderful birthday and my best wishes .On the 10 day photo ,we can see how already ,Tiffany seems to be very determined .no wonder she has a beautiful carreer and has brought up 5 children …and 3 dogs .Congratulations from Catherine from France .

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