Meatless Monday Spider Web Caramel Apples

Spider Web Caramel Apples

Call the dentist I made caramel apples for our grandchildren! Not just plain caramel apples but Spider Web Caramel Apples

I love being a Grandma! I made these fun and very messy apples the other night. Our grandchildren ate them in slices and only a little at a time, so I’m not feeling to bad about it…. I thought I’d share it all with you today for Meatless Monday!

caramel spider web apples katherines corner


What You Need

6 Granny Smith Apples

6 Mini dowels ( popsicle sticks or think pretzel sticks)

100 Caramel squares

1/ ½ Cups chocolate candy melts


Shallow dish

Piping bag and plain tip

Wax paper

Medium saucepan

Baking sheet

Nonstick cooking spray

Microwave safe bowl



Before You Start: Remove the stems from the apples, wash and dry. Then unwrap all of the caramel squares, yes this is the toughest part. Line a baking sheet with wax paper and spray with a coat of cooking spray.

Lets Make It! Push sticks, dowels, pretzels into the stem end of the apples. Place unwrapped caramels in a saucepan over medium high heat, and add 2 Tbsp of water, stirring occasionally, cook until melted. When it’s completely melted hold apple by the stick and dip apples into caramel, please be careful it is hot.  Coat the apples thoroughly with caramel. Remove excess with your spoon and place the dipped apple onto the prepared baking sheet. Put the apples/baking sheet into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. When cooled remove any excess caramel globs, from the base of the apple using a paring knife or silicone kitchen shears.  Melt the candy melts in a microwave safe bowl for about one minute (time may vary depending on your microwave). Dip the bottom of the apple into the melted chocolate and cover warm chocolate with sprinkles. Return to prepared baking sheet. Fill the piping bag with the leftover melted chocolate and pipe spider webs onto each apple. Taa daa. Please note I did not have the right tip or a piping bag when I made my webs. Yours will look much better.

Makes 6

On a side note, it’s my sweet husband’s birthday today. Happy Birthday to the love of my life!




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  1. I love going “meatless”…desserts are my favorite meal! These look amazing…my mouth is watering!
    Hope your week is wonderful…

  2. They turned out so cute! Love the idea of the chocolate and sprinkles on the bottom, nice added bonus.

  3. I love them apples, Katie! I don’t usually eat sweets of any kind but in this case I think I’d make an exception. Happy birthday to your husband. To call him the love of your life speaks volumes and I am very happy for you both!

  4. And so attractively done which is the only way our Katie knows how to do anything. Have a blessed week my friend.

  5. What yummy fun! And a happy birthday to your hubby! October birthdays are the best! :)

  6. Sure wish I was one of the grandkids!! These look delish….. I always liked caramel apples better than the candied apples. Ooey, gooey tastes better than a crunchy red topping, IMHO! Thing is… we called them both, “candy apples.” Go figure- must have been a New Mexico thing. LOL

  7. Caramel apples are my favorite! Yours are just beautiful. I tried to make them once and failed miserably. Perhaps I’ll try again!

  8. Christina Williams says:

    How are you, Katherine? These look so wonderful! Please share them on the Haunted Halloween link-up at if you have a second!

  9. I want some :p

  10. What beautiful apples! They look delicious and the photo is so pretty!

  11. Hi Katherine,

    Those caramel apples looks very nice and tasty.
    Have a lovely Day! Hugs

  12. They sound delicious. After we go to the orchards in a few weeks I am going to try this!

  13. Ooh, lucky grandkids! I’ve never made caramel apples, and yours are the best ever with those wonderful Halloween webs. And happy birthday to your husband, too! (I hope he gets one of these fantastic-looking apples as part of his birthday treats! 😉

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog, it made me smile to get your comment.

  14. yummy~!

  15. Good for you…. You HAVE to have toffee apples in the Autumn… In fact I had one this weekend myself. Extra brushing of teeth goin on in my family!!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend. Jennie. X

  16. Hmmm….if only “meatless” meant desserts only, I’d be an instant convert! LOL! If my grandkids were nearby these would definitley be on my to-do list! They look spooky great! Hugs, GraceinAZ

  17. Jodi Hall says:

    yum caramel apples!! 😀

  18. It’s been ages since I’ve had one of these apples, I like the idea of slicing it up and having a bit at a time, thanks for the recipe and showing the process.

    Happy Birthday Katherine’s Husband!

  19. these are awesome how creative you are!

  20. These are really cute. I like the spider web design on them and the sprinkles. 😀

  21. Oh I love these! They are so neat and creative. Happy birthday to your hubby too!

  22. Those look so good…I have a carmel apple inspired post later this week…my kids love the carmel apples. Have a great week!


  23. They look amazing. Will have to try them when i can find enough people to actually eat them. TFS

  24. So very yummy looking and they look pretty too

  25. Awe Katherine, you are such a sweet grandma! I bet your grandchildren really enjoyed this sweet treat! My kids love caramel apple too. I will have to make these for them one day!!!

  26. These look delish! I’m definitely NOT going to show these to my family, or my diet is. going. to. be. RUINED!

    oh well. Perhaps I’ll just eat one…
    thanks for sharing your yummy recipe!!

  27. ahhhh…my boys love love love these. You make it look so darn easy! YUMMY!

  28. LOVE caramel apples. I am going to try some soft caramels I just made and see if they work! I’m calling you for the spiderwebs!! lol

  29. I love caramel apples! These look delicious! =)


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