Nov 04 2011

Eggs To Go

I have always loved breakfast.I’ve even blogged about my morning yummies. But sometimes I am a bit rushed and it’s hard to make a nice breakfast. Now with my new job, did I mention I have a new job? My early mornings(4-6 am) are filled with time here at Katherines Corner, my online shops and my other online obligations before I start work. So this little trick comes in really handy. ( please keep in mind microwave ovens vary in temperature and your cooking time may be less or more.)



side note, the dark spots you see inside the mug are not burned eggs. Just a shadow from my pretty Sango mug. I am fond of Sango dinnerware because each piece is unique.

What You Need

2 Eggs

1 Tbsp milk

2 Tbsp shredded cheese ( your choice)

Chopped green onions ( optional)

Non Stick Cooking Spray

Large Microwavable mug

Before You Start Spray the inside of your mug with cooking spray, don’t skip this part :-)


Lets Make It! crack two eggs into the mug, add milk and blend together with a fork.





Add shredded cheese,mix together  well  and place in the microwave (uncovered) on high for about 45 seconds ( check to see if eggs are still runny, if they are, stir and cook a bit longer in 20 second intervals)







Fluff with a fork sprinkle on some scallions, or a little more cheese and off you go…eggs To Go! I literally made this in less than five minutes including the quick photos. What do you grab for an “on the go” breakfast?

eggs to go katherines corner



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  1. Ms. A

    This is great! Would you mind if I copied it and sent to to my kids? Let me know, please.

  2. small Kucing

    Yay! This is a fast and easy breakfast. Thanks for the tips

  3. Poetesswug

    This is something my husband does quite a bit before he goes to work too! I’m not a traditional breakfast eater usually. I would just as soon have a slice of ham and a salad for breakfast, as I would cereal or an egg. Strange woman here! ^_^

  4. Judy Haughton-James

    Hi Katherine,
    This sounds great. I love anything with cheese in it. For a quick breakfast I have also had eggs cooked in various ways. Sausages, ham slices etc. also come in handy. I am off to see what is in store for my birthday today. I only wish Janine was here with me but I am keeping the faith. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. Thanks again for making me co-host of your Blog Hop yesterday.

  5. Pam@over50feeling40

    I will try this…it looks yummy…and Congratulations on the new job!!

  6. Leah

    What a wonderful quick breakfast! I never thought of the microwave option!

  7. Eva

    Hi Katherine,
    What a nice and quick breakfast, will try it out for sure. Could be a change from the boiled egg I have every morning. Have a lovely Friday!

  8. Kelley

    Hi! I am visting your blog from Follow Friday Over 40. You have a very nice blog. Great post about cooking eggs. Thanks for sharing. I make mine like that a lot. I’m back to my blog after a hiatus and have planned some fun things to share. =) I hope you can stop by sometime http://inkelleyskitchen.blogspot.com
    Have a great day!

  9. Deborah

    I never knew about microwaving eggs until a few years ago. It’s so easy and they are very good!

  10. Jodi Hall

    Ive done this before, its yumm!

  11. Life with Kaishon

    What a great trick! I had no idea I could make eggs in the microwave. YUM!

  12. Heather

    Most days, I have to force myself to eat breakfast. The truth is, I really love to have something sweet for breakfast, but your idea looks fast and tasty!

  13. Serendipity is Sweet

    Wow, that is an early breakfast! Great tips though. I’ll have to pass that on to my husband who loves eggs. ;)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  14. kathy

    My sons are big fans of the micro eggs n cheese! Good luck with the new job Katherine :)

  15. Jacque

    Hope you are enjoying the new job….love this quick way to get some good nutrition QUICK! This is great, cos I am always skipping breakfast to get right to emails and phone calls. :( I know it’s not good for me, but hey, when your commute is going downstairs, and your customers are already calling, what’s a girl to do?! LOL Thanks for this tip; I’m going to try it!

  16. May

    Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe with us. I love finding new recipes. Will try it out this week..x

  17. Orchid

    Hi! Dear Katherine.
    My hubby would love this and I’ll try your recipe for him.
    Haha, I don’t care cheese. Almost all the foreigners will surprise it p;)
    Much Love, my friend, Orchid*

  18. Odie Langley

    So easy Katie and I promise to try it very soon. This will be our second day here at the beach and after last night I am surprised to still be here & not blown away. The wind was so strong last night that it shook the house and howled so loud going around the corner of the house near the bedroom that it freaked Rocky out. Really it was that loud. It is still moving the house this morning and it is finally getting light enough to see outside so hopefully it will calm down today . Hope your weekend will be perfect in every way.
    Huge Hugs,


    what a yummy breakfast…mouth watering! thanks for the recipe dear!

  20. Ali

    This is such a great tip! Thanks! Thanks for visiting- I am following :)

  21. Kate McAtee

    How wonderful … eggs are a great quick breakfast and a terrific source of protein!

    If I’m really in a hurry, I’ll grab a granola bar or some fruit but more times than not … I have time to make breakfast.

    Great post!

  22. thisisme

    Thanks for sharing this quick and nutricious breakfast idea with us Katherine. I will certainly be trying it. (Can’t believe that you are up at 4 a.m. Gosh, what a busy bee you are!).

  23. Nancy @ A Rural Journal

    Fabulous idea! :)

  24. Mom Fashion World

    Oh this look yummy, darling!
    Wish we were neighbors so I can try it.

    Have a great weekend!

  25. mamawolfe

    Sounds great! Thanks for joining our blog hop this weekend!

  26. Honey

    What a clever idea! Eggs to go. Thank you for sharing this quick breakfast idea with Potpourri Friday!

  27. Anita @ Cedar Hill

    Congrats on the new job. How can you possibly work full-time and blog? I don’t know how you do it.

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