Tid Bit Tuesday Spontaneity

When I began blogging over two years ago I never really knew where it would lead me. But I had high hopes of sharing with others and in return I would make friends who would share with me. I would introduce people to my life, my hobbies, my shops, my interests and my family, and I would be scooped up into the loving arms of blog readers. A would be a happy member of the ever growing and incredibly popular blogging community.

This has happened and I am truly blessed!

It’s true at Katherines Corner I share. I share recipes, I share crafts (although I know it has been a while) and I share my photography. I share stories of family and things happening at home. I give gifts, read books with you, and help you reach new readers with the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop. I share, I share it all.

But, do I share enough about myself? Every Tuesday I will share a little “tid bit” about my life, my childhood, my likes, loves, challenges and success outside of my usual blogging box. Some Tuesdays I may write a lot, and on other Tuesdays maybe just a little. But, I will share; I will share even more with you. I hope you will find it of interest and in turn share with me as well.

My First Tid Bit Tuesday

I have never been a “truly” spontaneous person. But, I love spontaneity, go figure, I am complex, giggle.

I am a planner, a list maker and a keeper of schedules.   I love a good plan!

Even writing this post about Tid Bit Tuesday in a sense was planned. I thought about it, I prepared it in my mind before I sat down to type it all out on my keyboard.   But I absolutely love it when my husband says, “hey lets go for a drive!” I grab my camera and then stop everything and mentally I make a list of things to take on our “spontaneous trip”. I grab water bottles, napkins and snacks, first aid kit, blanket, and …. Well you see what I mean right? I am a planner who loves spontaneity!

Are you spontaneous? Or do you like a bit of a plan?



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  1. I never plan, but my wife is a planner!

  2. I don’t have a spontaneous bone in my body. I like the idea of your Tidbit Tuesday. I prefer posts that allow me to know the blogger behind the blog!

  3. <>

    This is identity theft, Katie! You described me perfectly! (LOL) I feel lost w/o a plan but it is good exercise for people like us to stretch now and then and go with the flow. I’m glad you are opening up a little. If you’re willing to share others will share with you.

  4. i loved this post!
    i really like your tidbit tuesday. it’s going to be great to know you better!

    big hugs!

  5. You are and I are alike in this regard… I am a total planner, always organizing and keeping lists etc., but I do love spontaneity. My husband always jokes with me how I so easily turn an unplanned road trip into a planned mini-vacation, haha!

  6. Mary Alice Patterson says:

    I would call myself a planner. I love making lists and crossing things off of it. At the same time, I will drop everything if a friend calls or my husband wants to take me antiquing!!
    Thanks for stopping by. Happy to find your blog.
    Mary Alice

  7. I by nature am not a planner. However, my husband’s family is…now I have a schedule – which causes conflict with my family who, like me does not plan out events very far in advance! Oh dear! What’s a girl to do?
    I like the tid bits Tuesday!

  8. Hmmmm, I think I’m a little of both, depending what comes along in life. And at times I find I should have planned more, other times it’s the opposite….I know, a bit confusing.

  9. I’m a planner. But I don’t mind being spontaneous with my family. Some of the best family times are spontaneous happenings. :)

  10. Hi lovely lady.
    I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day with your family this past Sunday. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Nautical Tablescape.
    XXOO Diane

  11. Great idea! I am both, but love spontenaous things. My hubby gets up tight about spur-of-the-moment things. Not the best combo!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  12. I’m spontaneous about most things, but definitely like to plan certain things. Big things just work better if you have planned them and they are organized, but I don’t do laundry the same day each week, etc. I wish I did, then I would know ahead of time what I am doing.

  13. I guess I am spontaneous planner too. So many times I have gotten in trouble by throwing caution to the winds, I suppose that I have now gotten more cautious in my old age. (That last part is a joke!)

  14. I loved this! I love spontaneity too, but I am not really a spontaneous person. I am an introvert – waaaaay off the chart – so I like to plan things. I always have a list. Hubby is fly by the seat of his pants, but he’ll tell me to plan vacations and just tell where and when and how, etc. and he’ll be glad to follow my plan. He just won’t make it. He understands me. I have All Things Southern on my blog on Tuesdays. I hope you stop by and check it out. Donna

  15. I love doing stuff spontaneously. I hate planning trips and I hate packing. If I was rich I would never pack. Just buy what I need when I get there. But like the previous comment, I am an introvert and would not seem to be spontaneous. Like husband just plan it and I will go..

  16. Okay!…How do you know me? I promise this post sounds exactly like me…The husband going for a drive & all! (weird). I just started blogging in March. I can only hope that my blog will accomplish this much. You have done a beautiful job. Congrats! on Tid Bits…It’s a great idea.

  17. BIG planner:)

  18. I’m sure not a planner! Life would be so much more organized if I were!

  19. Deborah says:

    I’ve never been good at being spontaneous but I am trying harder at it!
    I think it’s time to have fun again.

  20. Cecilia Marie Pulliam says:

    Well, Katie. I am like you. Love to go on the spur of the moment, but need that one second to cover all my basis. So, let’s dub it: Planned Spontaneity. I love it. Great minds, right? Giggle.

  21. I love this new series…Planner…that’s me…but what is that saying, “the best laid plans….” The only drawback is that sometimes my planning leads to high expectations, so I have to “reel it in”…Love drives too…my dad used to take the family on a “Sunday afternoon drive” every week…I loved it…Simple times…

  22. What a great idea! Looking forward to this each week. I like a plan and I plan to be more spontaneous . hehehe

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