Dream On

Dream On

It’s Tid Bit Tuesday and it’s Thanksgiving week too. So just a couple of bloggy notes before I jump into today’s tid bit.

The Book Club-I am saddened to say the book club has ended due to lack of participation. We had a good run and I am so sorry to see it end. Instead I will be sharing what I am reading .If you are interested in reading along and sharing your comments I welcome them. You can click on the image on my right sidebar to view posts .

Gobble Gobble-The Giveaway has ended. I will be announcing the winner tomorrow and the new giveaway will be posted on Friday!

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop- Yes, I will be having the blog hop this week. But I will not have a co-host. Because of the holiday I am not sure there will be much participation.

Glitche-I am having a little issue on my pages ( tabs at the top of the blog) comments aren’t showing. I am working on it. Thankfully comments are working fine on the posts. You know I love comments!

Comments– Please add Katherines Corner to your contact list in your email. I try an answer everyone’s comments. But lately have been receiving a lot of undeliverable messages with the reason being I am Spam! I looked into the mirror and  I assure I am not :-)

On to today’s Tid Bits-

I dream in color about  ninety percent of the time. My dreams are very vivid! Many have been quite intuitive. But, that is a topic for another tid bit Tuesday. Most of my dreams over the past twelve years have been good ones. Previous to that I used to have night terrors, they were brutal. I would look up the meaning of my dreams in a dream dictionary. I had several dictionaries actually, some with similar interpretations and others drastically different. It was because of this inconsistency that I put the dream dictionaries down. I used to think a little psychological self diagnosis was a good idea. I’m not sure it was helpful :-) I knew the meaning for the night terrors already anyway. The truth is, over the years I have learned a valuable lesson. A bad dream is just a dream, we can make of it what we wish. Real, imagined, a link to our stress, or a direct result of the burrito before bedtime. We have to let the  bad dreams go when we awaken. I stay focused on the good dreams. I keep thinking about them throughout the day. Until they dissolve into my subconscious hopefully to be dreamed again.

Do you dream in color? Are your dreams good, bad, or a mix of both?


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  1. I used to dream in color and frequently had precognitive dreams. It’s very rare that I can remember even a small snippet of them now. I miss them.

  2. I don’t dream nearly as much as I did when I was young, Katie. When I was a boy most of my dreams tended to be nightmares. Nowadays most are good. The problem is they are very brief in duration, only fragments of scenarios that make little or no sense. I wish I knew how to keep some of them going longer! (LOL) I’m not even sure whether I dream in color or B&W. It’s a fascinating subject, isn’t it?

  3. I am so sorry about the book club!! I did buy the recent book The Inn at Rose Harbor and I’m reading it. It is just slow going since I have so many side projects going on at the moment! ah well, I’m enjoying the book :)

  4. Sometimes I dream in color..althought I dont always remember dreams..I wish that I did. =)

    Im sory to hear about the book club, though I will continue to follow the books that you are reading.
    Im a big fan of Debbie Macomber and I read The Inn at Rose Harbor , I really enjoyed it.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. I used to have nightmares when I used to watch horror movies, so I stopped watching them. I try to read the Bible and pray before bedtime now and that helps with my dreams. My nightmares now are of my husband forgetting to pick me up from someplace. I hate hose dreams! That happened to me a few times growing up so I’ll get those awful feelings of abandonment when I have those dreams. I don’t know why they have been manifested onto my husband, he has never done anything like that! LOL

  6. I don’t dream much anymore but I do have premonitions regularly. They are usually of a warning nature but sometimes just an answer to my prayer. Recently before the election results, I knew the President would be re-elected, because he had to finish what he started i.e. reforms in banking, Wall Street, and Immigration just to name a few. I do have very sad premonitions too…I saw my mothers death coming from a heart attack 6 months before she passed and my daughter-in-laws death from a car accident also six months later. I also saw the war in Iraq coming also 6 months before we actually went to war. Sometimes they can be worrisome but for the most part I’ve learned to accept them and be grateful for the advanced warning.

  7. I dream in color. I still have night terrors and not-so- nice dreams on a regular basis. I have recurring themes too. I am able to pull myself out of a bad dream and wake up thank goodness. I have a tendency to go back into the dream, so I get up and read blogs late at night to see creative and beautiful things. Guess I might be more stressed than I realize, hahaha–I have decided not to dwell on them and appreciate any nights where I have good dreams. Funny, but I rarely dream about people I know. Interesting topic..

  8. Hubby and I were just having this discussion. I have no idea if I dream in color or B&W and I guess at my age, I should know.

    In any case, Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  9. Jut stopping by to with you the happiest of Thanksgivings!


  10. I dream in color and my dreams are very vivid too. Happy Thanksgiving!


  11. I think I dream in color…I actually have many dreams of things that are going to happen (usually to others I know). That’s part of my prophetic gift. And I don’t mean this in a weird kind of way. Sometime the dreams are very detailed and I can remember it well. Other times I can only remember parts of it. Happy Thanksgiving, we’ll be visiting family

  12. Oh I dream in color….and dreams of good and bad..that is when I can remember them!….
    Have a wondeful Thanksgiving with your family!!!…

  13. Ann Marie says:

    I dream vividly, in color, all of the time. Many of my dreams are so realistic…they are like being in an action-adventure movie. They have plots and everything. I also have recurring dreams about certain places or events. For example, when I’m very stressed out, I always dream about tornadoes…or escaping them, I should say. I have a phobia about twisters and am terrified of them.

    This is a very interesting topic…I could go on and on about it. You think of the coolest things to blog about! :-)

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