Autumn Bundle

Autumn Bundle

autumn flower bundle

I am all bundled up as I write this. Curled up on the couch with Izzy by my side and a hot cup of tea close by. I am fall drunk my sweet bloggy friends! Not to be confused with fall down drunk. :-)  I am fully wrapped in and almost hypnotized by, one of my favorite seasons. Autumn ( Fall) is finally here.

fall bundle 2 I’m feeling the pull of cozy things, fuzzy slippers, comfort foods and blankets wrapped tightly. I am looking forward to the promise of rainy days, wearing bulky sweaters, fuzzy slippers and soups simmering on the stove. The lulling fragrance of a fireplace as its trail of smoke drifts on the cool night air….and, and, …oh…. I think I need to lay down…

I’ve been patient. I tolerated boiling summer temperatures, muttered curse words as I burned my hands on a hot car steering wheel. I dried tear stained cheeks as I watched our beautiful flowers succumb to the heat and turn into dried flower arrangements you would find in an old attic somewhere.

I did my best to play outside with our sweet Izzy and with our beautiful grandchildren. Only to find after 10 minutes in the 100 degree temperatures my body gave out and I went screaming inside in search of a tub filled with ice cubes.

I spent endless hours standing in front of air conditioning vents begging for my core temperature to cool to a manageable level of miserable. The days of hoping my deodorant holds out and changing shirts twice a day have finally come to an end. There’s a light at the leaf lined tunnel and it has a harvest gold and orange glow. autumn gift

I raise my hands in the air with confidence today as I do the happy dance. With the windows wide open and the breeze blowing the curtains. I am in deed fall drunk…So I raise my teacup and say “here’s to -shorter days, longer sleeves, comfort foods and crisp cool mornings ahead ♥

Happy Autumn sweet friends. Enjoy your weekend and when you pull on that warm cozy sweater and light your first fire know that I am smiling with you.:-)

 Are you excited to finally have Autumn arrive?

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  1. I love Autumn time, though it has been a bit more rainy here than I’d like. I prefer when it’s dry and a little brisk to enjoy the colours of Autumn and go for a walk, but it’s raining a bit more just now, So, I’m indoors warming up with tea and things. I hope you enjoy it & have a gorgeous weekend x

  2. I adore the cooler weather. I don’t sweat very gracefully and the heat wears me out. I’d much rather add extra clothes to stay warm than not be able to take enough off to be cool.

  3. Hi sweet Katy. It seems that more and more of us think of Autumn as our favourite season. Loved this post. We don’t get the scorching summer temps that you get over there – thankfully! Enjoy this season my friend and be thankful for it.

    • How lovely to see your comment my friend. I know in England scorching heat is rare. Days at the seaside always meant having a cardigan with us, giggle.I do love the rainy days there though. I am hoping rain makes its way to us soon. xo

  4. I actually love the summer, but the autumn definitely has some great perks (anything pumpkin flavored doesn’t hurt), but I am so not looking forward to the winter by any means. Sorry, but I hate to be cold. Hav a great weekend now though, Katie :)

    • Giggle, my husband loves the summer too. He is not a huge fan of the cold unless it includes ice fishing. He has grown to tolerate my need for a chill in the air over the years. Hoping your week is a sweet one. xo

  5. We have two more days of Autumn and then Winter is scheduled to take its place. Drats. I have absolutely been in love with our weather the past two weeks – exceptionally fall-ish!

    • Barb we are neighbors. The temps have dropped a bit already today and KUTV weather said possible dusting of snow today. But I am still smiling. Because I love the cooler temps, giggle. Hugs!

  6. Well you make me like autumn a little bit more! The way you write, who couldn’t be a little drunk of fall? :) Julia

  7. Very happy! I hate humidity and hot weather.

  8. Autumn is lovely…it is what follows it that makes me depressed. I truly dislike…no I can say it…I hate winter. Snow…cold…wind…I don’t like them at all. So I’m trying to enjoy the last few days before winter takes over.


    • Suzanne, time to get a few sweaters ready my friend. I actually enjoy the winter too. :-) My husband looks forward to the true winter so he can go ice fishing. But the time between now and then is not his favorite either. I like the snow, the wind all of it, giggle. I hope you continue to enjoy the Autumn whilke its here. xo

  9. Hi! I, too, love fall. Unfortunately ours is not as pretty as some as northern states (we live in south Texas) Regardless, I appreciate it fully and give all glory to Him above for the changing of the seasons–we need it!
    I have an etsy shop which I’m not sure if it’s the right kind of shop you’re looking for a spotlight, but here it is: We love our handmade paper business!
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Oh, yes, I am definitely thankful for autumn! Not only do I love the much cooler weather and fall colors, but fall signals the end of the summer monsoons in our area which cause me migraines 24/7. Ahhhh, autumn! Love, love, love it!


  11. On the prairies of Saskatchewan we have already had quite a few frosty nights and a couple of mornings where we woke to a dusting of snow. Autumn here, like spring, is brief or sometimes passes in a few days as we fall from summer headlong into winter. I don’t like the rain despite the good it does us, I will settle for -20 degrees or more if the sun shines and the roads stay dry.

  12. I love Fall! Its my favorite time of year, with the cooler temperatures and lovely autumn colors!

    • I am so with you. The colors are beautiful. Although many were muted this year as our heat was so terrible. But I am so grateful for the change of season. have a great week Melissa! xo

  13. I am a cold weather person. Just moved to upstate NY 6 months ago from 20 yrs of living in the deep south of Alabama. Loving the cooler weather, love the snow etc. ANYWAYS-lovely blog you have and thanks for stopping by my blog. Blessings

  14. I didn’t think that I would but I am now – enjoy the weekend.

  15. We don’t technically have Autumn here in Florida, but I am SO thankful that the days are cooler now!

  16. i love autumn too and that sprig of autumn goodies in your photo makes me smile. happy pink saturday! xo

  17. Cindy van der meer says:

    How I wish that Autumn would a bit longer than winter. Than I could have enjoying this lovely unique melancholy moment more.. The fresh scent of those falling wet leaves, beautifull colors surrounded, starting lighting spices candles on the windows, the-long-cooked-shimmer-beef-soup what a wonderfull season of the year! Warm hugs to you

    • dreamy…….Cindy your comment makes me smile and although winter is knocking at the door your Autumn description makes me long for a few more amber colored days. Have a great week! Hugs!

  18. Have a happy and blessed week…

  19. So pretty … just like fall has been here in Chicago.


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