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  1. I had night terrors as a child and bad migraines for years. I dream in color and other languages too! Most often my dreams involve attending or teaching classes. The worst nightmares are being betrayed by loved ones.

    1. Oh no, night terrors are horrible! So sorry you had them and migraines too ( we’re two peas in a pod). Dreams about teaching classes are often the result of the search to find the key skills you need to progress through something . It can also mean that someone needs your attention. Hugs

  2. This is such an interesting topic. I don’t really know if I dream in color or not! I think I do, but I’m not sure. I haven’t dreamed in other languages, but once I swear I was reading whole pages of a book in my sleep. My grandmother used to keep a dream book by her bed, to write down her dreams before she forgot them. I always thought that was really a good idea, but I’ve never done it! I think that was really popular during Victorian times, when she was very young.

    1. Hi Pam, my hubby says the same thing. I love that you were reading a book in your dreams. Reading a book is usually a good sign. It may indicate learning something new or changing your perspective. In some instances, it indicates gaining insight or knowledge. xo K

    1. Hi Alex, I love it, sorry I can’t send you some. I wonder if that dream means that you don’t have confidence in your security system (smile), or maybe it means you need to get a dog! Hugs!

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