Valentine Paper Garland

Valentine Paper Garland-

Hello sweet bloggy friends. Today I have invited a very special guest to Katherines Corner to share a bit of Valentine craftiness. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jennifer from The Life Of Jennifer Dawn. She is a happily married woman of faith. A former school teacher with a lovely blog where she shares a bit of craftiness after her little ones have gone to bed. I encourage you to visit her blog and her sweet etsy shop too. bluebird cottage designsPlease leave her some comment ♥ and tell her I sent you :-)
Now lets make a Valentine paper garland!
Hello, everyone!  I’m Jennifer Dawn–a wife, former teacher, mother of three, avid crafter, and blogger.  Typically, you’ll find me in my own little corner of the world at The Life of Jennifer Dawn.  Katherine was kind enough to have me as a guest here today.
jennifers family
Crafting has always been a part of my life.  For as long as I can remember, my very talented mother knitted, crochets, sewed, and painted ceramics along with many other crafts.  She shared her love of craftiness with my sister and me.  I’m honored to be able to share a sweet and simple craft with you today that is perfect for Valentine’s Day–one of my favorite holidays!

book page flower punches
heart stickers
(Both of the above mentioned supplies came from Hobbies from the Heart.  Alternative: You can use book pages and a paper punch to make your own paper punches, and then buy heart stickers at your local craft store.)
sewing machine
1. Gather your materials.
2. Preparation before sewing: Change the stitch length to the longest setting.  (This would be the setting you would use if you were doing a gathering stitch for a ruffle.)  Since you are sewing paper, you do not want the needle piercings to be too close together.  Also adjust the pressure down a little.  Pull the thread out about 6-8 inches to create a nice tail for your garland.
 Sewing the garland: Begin running the paper punches through the machine.  I make about 4-5 stitches between each punch to create gaps between them.  Keep going until you get the desired length.  Once you have stitched threw your final paper punch, lift the needle and foot up.  Pull the threads out about 6-8 inches and snip to create a tail on this end.
Tip: Designate this needle as your paper needle.  Sewing with paper dulls your needle, so you do not want to sew fabric with this needle now.  Reserve it for paper crafts.
3. Decorate the paper punches with your heart stickers.  I put a heart on every other punch.  To make it reversible I put a matching sticker on the back.
4. Hang your garland and enjoy!
Happy crafting!
Thank you so much Jennifer

It has been a pleasure having Jennifer as my guest today. If you would like to be considered for a guest feature sharing a diy or crafty tutorial please contact me.

Have you started creating for Valentines Day? Will you try this cute Valentine Banner Craft?

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  1. I love it cute and simple!

  2. These are so pretty and it’s something I could do!

  3. Very pretty and may have to try for my girls soon. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. This is a really cute craft, I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day but do enjoy a big box of candy!

  5. So cute! My gosh – Valentines Day is fast approaching. I better get moving!

  6. Very cute.


  7. lynn buttedal says:

    going to do with my grands! very cute!

  8. I am a big fan of decorating with garland. Thanks for this fun Valentine idea!

  9. This is a lovely tips. Over here we are still preparing for Chinese new Year. Gonna be a great valentine day coz it will coincide with Chinese Valentine day too

  10. This is so cute! =)

  11. Year ago, I cut out hearts of red and pink, punched a hole with hole puncher on each side, then tied the hearts together with ribbon. It was simple and easy. We still use it every year. It’s a bit faded since I used construction paper, but it will be put up in a few weeks.

  12. So cute, I love them. I would be tempted to leave them up all year round :))) x

  13. so adorable!!!

  14. Those are nice!! My grandma was a big sewer/crafter too. I caught her sewing bug, but never did get good at crafting and knitting (though I’ve tried my hand readily with both). Happy to meet you here!

  15. This is adorable. Even not-so-crafty me might be able to do this. Thanks!

  16. Mitzi@Living the Moments says:

    What an absolutely adorable idea! I’m not big on decorating for Valentine’s Day…but if I were this would definitely be something I would try. Could make for a fantastic Birthday celebration garland alternative though.

  17. Thanks, everyone! This really is a simple craft to try. It has truly been an honor getting to be a guest here. Thank you Katherine for having me!

  18. This is such a cute and easy craft idea. It would make great wedding decor too. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I am totally doing this for valentines day for my girls. Thanks for sharing such a lovely and simple idea.

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