Making Happy Memories

Making Happy Memories With Our Grandchildren-

making happy memoriesLast weekend we were fortunate to have all five of our wonderful grandchildren stay with us. We had so much fun. Making happy memories with our grandchildren. They are such a blessing. Each one filled with joy and energy, lots and lots of energy. We didn’t do anything extraordinary. But we did fill every minute with giggles, cuddles and lots of play time.

I was so busy having fun that I didn’t take many photos. But, I thought you might enjoy the few that I did take in between hugs.

Breakfast for seven aftermath :-)

breakfast aftermath


Doing the Cupid Shuffle

do a little dance




 Picking the last of the peas with Grandpa

picking the last of the peas

 Manicure time


first a little girl power to get the bottle open!

girl power


 Fancy nails!polish 2

 The boys had a water gun fight, run Grandpa run!

run for it


We love being grandparents! “Grandma and Grandpa” two of our favorite names ♥

 making happy memories


Share you happy memory making with me. What did/will you do on the weekends?


Enjoy your weekend everyone, stay cool, wear your sunscreen and when you come inside to cool down. I invite you to Add your blog to yesterdays blog hop, enter a giveaway or leave some comment love.

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  1. Aww, looked like the perfect weekend and I loved getting to see all your photos. Hoping you have just as wonderful of a weekend coming up now :) xoxo!!

  2. Beautiful blessings!

  3. What a blessed family – this weekend nothing much is planned except a little cleaning and hanging outside enjoying the weather. Perhaps an evening dinner by the Riverfront on Saturday.

  4. Beautiful grandchldren, and it looks like everyone had so much fun. There is nothing better than being a grand parent. laurie

  5. Looks like so much fun, Katie! They are gorgeous….I was with my one last night and we had fun dancing and singing…and there may have been a cookie or two!

  6. I know you had a wonderful time with your sweet grandchildren…what a blessing! We’re getting ready for some grandchildren time next week :)

  7. Such GREAT memories they will have of their time with you!

  8. First off – you look waaaaay too young to have 5 grandkids Katie!!! It sure looks like you had loads of fun. I only have one 2-year-old granddaughter and she is my whole world. She is taking a nap as I’m writing here after having a day fulfilled with exploring grandma’s garden, watching birds, squirrels and butterflies, then helping me pick and wash vegetables. She loves helping in the kitchen, stirring, mixing, seasoning and of course spilling and making a mess, but I wouldn’t have it any other way :) Grandkids are the biggest blessing there is. Love to you and your little ones.

  9. They are so precious, am really happy you got to have a wonderful time with your grandchildren :)) So sweet and blessed. I hope the weekend is wonderful doll xx

  10. Whew, I’d rather paint nails than run from boys with waterguns (those little boys are fast, I know from firsthand experience!). Glad you got to visit all of the baby grands at once. I know you were floating on Cloud 9. :)

  11. Your Grand kids are so Cute.. You look awfully young for grand kids! :) Maria


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