Tea For Thee

pretty white teapot katherines corner

It’s Wordy Wordless Wednesday and I have tea for Thee… I’m sending you love and tea, To warm your winter’s day. Think of me as you pour your cup And all the good things we would say. If we could be together now Instead of miles apart, We’d sip our teas and memories, The sweet [read more…]

Morning Person

morning tea katherines corner

That’s right my sweet bloggy friends its tid bit Tuesday already… I am a morning person. I always have been. I pop right out of bed in the morning ( usually between 4:30-5:30) grateful to see another day. I start my day with the taste of a hot cup of tea, the spark of a [read more…]

Tea Time

tea kettle katherines copy

It’s Tid Bit Tuesday and today’s share is probably already known by some of you. I drink tea. I think it’s in my blood. Being from England, we start drinking tea when we are quite young ( usually with lots of milk). I now drink decaffeinated tea ( Doctors orders). But it is tea just without [read more…]

A Few Random Thoughts

Random thoughts bounced through my mind this morning as I sipped my hot cup of tea. Both good and bad they made their way in and hung out for a while.  I’m posting them today, feel free to add your responses and your own random thoughts. It’s Martin Luther King Day, we celebrate an amazing [read more…]