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  1. Used to be a total night owl, but when I got older… well, that changed. I no longer stay up till all hours to finish a project. When I’m tired, I go to bed.

  2. I like the quiet in the early a.m., but it is the quiet before the daily furor! LOL~ Whereas, the quiet in the evenings is unbroken. Phones stop ringing, the neighborhood is silent, everything slows down. My husband is an early bird (old habit from work) so he goes to bed and I have relaxing, candlelit time with my college-age daughter, who is usually finishing home work. I like to sleep until 8 or 9 on weekends and rarely go to bed before 11:30pm
    Have a lovely week 🙂

  3. Night owl – morning person – no, night owl – no, ohhhhhhhhhh, I don’t know anymore! I used to be BOTH! Up early, Up late! But since I got Bell’s Palsy in May 2012, that’s all changed. Needing more sleep to heal, my body has made me sleep late in the mornings some times. For several months, I couldn’t stay up beyond 10pm no matter what I did. That changed about 2 months ago…thus I am still up at 12:39am. But, I’ll bet tomorrow, instead of being up by 6am at the latest, I won’t wake up until 8 or 9am. That’s OK though, I’ve learned to adjust. There must be a reason I’m sleeping more again – well, actually, there is. I’ve had alot of healing going on the last 2 months. I’m now about 85% – 90% recovered – after nearly 9 months.

    Enjoy your day,
    Jan ♥

  4. I used to be a morning person and I sure wish I could get back to it. There’s something so special and still about the early morning hours. I’m not a night owl, but as my disease has progressed, my hours of sleeping have extended. I actually asked my husband just yesterday to start waking me up when he leaves for work at 5 =)

  5. I am a morning person too. That or I have insomnia! I am up around 4 every morning. Sometimes I wake up around 3 and force myself back to sleep. But, I like waking up early so I can enjoy coffee in silence and get dressed before my kids wake up!

  6. Im a morning person ..kind of. =)
    It takes me a little bit to get going in the morning..but I usually like to get my work and to do list done before 6 pm..then its reading and a little TV before bedtime.

  7. I’m up in bed at around 5 am and first thing I do is to pray for myself, my family and my friends to guide them and keep safe the whole day. Then I go for a walk for about 30 min, back at home and prepare breakfast for them. Waking up early is a nice way to start your day!

  8. Hello Katherine,
    What a perfect breakfast! Just the right ingredients. Your blue and white tea cup is very lovely. Early mornings are so quiet. It is a wonderful time to be awake and aware. I do love my early mornings too, but as I am a night owl from birth, I don’t get many opportunities. Lol! When I do, I treasure the moments.

  9. Wow.. I cannot imagine getting up while it is still dark and cold outside. I am snuggled in bed till about 8:30. Sometimes I’ll get up at 7:30. I do like to get up early though because I get so much more done. By 6 pm my creative mind is tired and I just want to retire to the bedroom and y big screen TV to watch Piers Morgan.

  10. I am so NOT a morning person even though I am getting up at 6:30 am these days! I used to be a night owl but I can’t even claim that now! My personal favorite time to get up in the mornings is 9:00!!

  11. You wouldn’t consider me a morning person as I get up around 7:00, but once I’m up, I’m at it!! Coffee in hand, laptop ready to read the day’s news, then dressed and at it before 8:30. If I’m lucky enough to be home for the day – it’s housework in the AM and creative after lunch. But that all changes once spring hits and it’s gardening season – then it’s gardening all the time! Cant’ wait.

  12. I am far from a morning person. I have to drag myself out of bed, and I never really function quite right until after 10 a.m. I get most of my best work done at night. I used to try to get up early to do some Bible reading, but the words didn’t make any sense. I find if I read at night I absorb a whole lot more.

  13. I’m a morning person, but not quite that early! I’m usually stirring by 6ish.
    Here lately I’ve been staying up much later than usual, so we’ll see if that time changes…yikes!
    I do find that I get so much more done, more productive, when I get up early.
    Have a GREAT day!

  14. It takes me a loooong time to get going in the mornings, LOL. I definitely prefer to work into the night, but I don’t like working in the middle of the night or anything like that…you know…sleep from 12 to 8 and have the whole day to get everything done. 🙂

  15. I’m not as much of a morning person as I used to be, now I like to stay cuddled up with my cats and do my laptop stuff. I sleep in until about 6:30-7:30.
    I think because of all of my years of working, I do not get the urge to clean house until about 3-4, which is unfortunate, I really wish I could get motivated to clean the house in the morning. 🙂
    BTW, all of my friends say I’m a morning person!

  16. I also am a morning person!! I get up every day at 4:30…but I am not able to stay up too late because of it. I am way more productive in the mornings and wish I could join you for breakfast, Katie!!

  17. In high school and college I was a night owl and often slept till noon. In recent years it’s the reverse. I don’t enjoy staying up late and consider half the day wasted if I’m not up by 5 a.m. I find that I am most creative and productive during the morning hours. Happy Tid Bit Tuesday, Katie!

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