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  1. 23 subscriptions? I am flabbergasted! I only subscribe to O Magazine. I love Oprah. I am so behind on reading those magazines. I also will admit that I joined AARP so that I can get their magazine.. although it is not a monthly.

  2. Oh gosh…a jillion! I’m also addicted to Next Issue- an ipad app that has subscriptions (up to 80) for a flat monthly fee. I think $15? Here’s the bad part…I love the paper versions, too! Double trouble.
    Enjoy your week and thanks for coming by!

  3. WOW…over 20? I think you’ll be shocked to hear I have never, ever had more than 2 subscriptions and now that we have college to pay for I am down to ONE magazine subscription. Problem is, the magazine I subscribed to went out of business and the parent company substituted the rest of my subscription with Better Homes and Gardens! Once that subscription needs renewal I will let it expire since I don’t want BH&G. The only time I buy magazines is if I go on vacation: I will pick one up for the plane ride.
    Have a nice week 🙂

  4. Hi Katherine!

    I have the opposite problem of you….I only get one magazine subscription and I want more!!!! I just never find the time to online and actually order them! Does that mean I won’t have a chance to read them?!?!?! Hmmmmm,…. I still want to try and up my subsrciptions.

    Thx for finding my blog and following along! Sorry it took me so long to get over here…been busy trying to set up new pages and still post!

    Have a great week!

    Oh, and I will be following via bloglovin!

  5. I’m down to only 2 magazine that I read faithfully, Traditional Home and Victoria Bliss. We have a great second hand bookstore nearby that sells magazines too. I tend to buy Martha Stewart and Country Living for $1 a piece. Yes, they may be a few months old, but the photos and recipes are still good!

  6. Hi Katherine, I love magazines but don’t subscribe to any because my friend who subscribes to so many passes them right along to me. She doesn’t like to hang on to very many of them. I love the ones you do plus Flea Market Style.

  7. Oh, I’m a total magazine addict! I subscribe to 5, but then go out and buy all the decor ones that come out just seasonally. I have baskets and boxes of them everywhere- I even have an old locker unit filled with them! I enjoy them so much, and I do go back and look at my favorites…I’ve tried to part with some, but it’s hard! 🙂

  8. I love your magazine boxes, they are so pretty! =)
    I dont have any subscriptions right now,…but I have received the Taste of Home magazine and Rachel Rays cooking magazine in the past. =)

  9. I had a big pile of these magazines when I was first married. I think I finally cut them up one year for collage and saved my favorite articles and recipes. I loved when they would have articles on photographers. I’m forgetting the name of the one that was on some of my postcards. I recently have subscribed again and have it on my nook book.

  10. I only have two subscriptions right now because I discontinued a few. But then I end up impulsively buying them at the grocery store, spending tons more. Right now we’re trying to weed out all of our old magazines and donate them. I’m hopelessly addicted! I Do miss Mary Englebreits Home Companion since that was discontinued.

  11. Just one, I think…but I’m interested in that “blogger” one you mentioned. Hehe. I’m loving this whole blogging thing and whoa…it takes up so much of my time, LOL.

  12. Hi, Katie

    I love those magazines. I have a few right now and I enjoyed them very much too. Gives you lots of inspiration. Have a great week.


  13. So funny that you are writing about this because yesterday my girlfriend and I were discussing that very thing – we have too many subscriptions to keep up. I have 5 magazines coming to the house but find it hard to sit and read them like I used to. The time spent on the internet and blogging, etc. has taken away from those glorious magazine reading times. A shame really.

  14. I used to get more than I do now but they discontinued a few of my favorites…Southern Accents for one. That was a SAD day! I get three now and by far Traditional Home is my favorite…
    Happy Tuesday…

  15. Oh I love to surround myself with the beautiful magazines! I am addicted to Stampington Magazinnes…all of them…but I do have to tell you that the shelves upon shelves of magazines are out of hand and the prices of Stampingtons are crazy…hoping that they come to the ipad soon! : ) Still love them all and I have a confession to make…I never get rid of them! EEESH!!!! I did donate 15 years of Food and Wine magazines to the library archives though…a little bit of a start right ; ) hugs to you all and BIG BIG HUGS to Mr. IZZY!!!!

  16. Only one believe it or not now. I used to subscribe to about 5 at my worst, but I have narrowed it down right now to one. But this is because we had an issue with a magazine subscription service and am now really careful with who I subscribe with at this point.

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