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  2. Katherine!!!!! You have no idea how surprised I was after reading this. So this is the siter you’ve been telling me about all along? THE Junko Wong is YOUR SISTER???!!! That’s the coolest thing ever! Sorry for sounding such a fantard but I have been following her blog for such a long time ever since I got my first Blythe. She works for an amazing company and you’re so lucky to have her for a sister. And she’s just as lucky to have you as her sister of course. Two sisters brimming with too much awesomeness. You really made my day! 🙂

  3. Oh Katherine, I am so sorry that your childhood was less than optimal. How beautiful that you and your lovely sister have found one another, that you married a wonderful man and had a gorgeous daughter. May you find in adulthood the magic not afforded in childhood.

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  5. It has been difficult for me to understand why there is so much "dis-connectedness" in families. It has been that way since the beginning, though. I put a lot of effort into creating togetherness at some level with my kids. They don't have to like everything, but find something to like about each other.

    Your story is a gift, God knew how much you wanted/needed a sister.

  6. Wow, that is one bittersweet story. I saw that Oprah episode and it was so touching. I'm so glad for you that you found your sister. There really is nothing like a sibling bond as long as it is a good one. Too bad about your brother but ya never know what the future holds~Sue

  7. Hi Katie…I could empathize when you wrote about being the eldest with a lot of responsibilities because I'm the eldest too…it's great to know that you found your sister…having a sister is always so nice….thanks for coming over to my blog…:)

  8. Katberine…that was just THE most touching post EVER!! I had chills reading it because I was brought up the very same way you were. my dad was severe in the way he treated us and there was much competetion beetween us. I, too, had little love of my sisters…until my mother (whom I loved very much) died. The one sister and I became extremely close almost taking our mother's place.
    When I read that you found a sister, I was amazed…and so happy for you!! Almost like a huge gift God was saving for you! Wonderful!! Hugs…Donna

  9. You are so blessed to have found that sister. My sister and I are estranged and it is so unfortunate and sad. It's none of my doing. What a waste! Thank goodness for my two sweet brothers.
    have a blessed week!
    Ladybug Creek

  10. How cool that you found each other and are able to stay in touch. I hope you're able to one day spend more time together.


  11. wow that is an awesome story …. Im so glad you where able to meet ….
    I don't see my siblings .. I moved from the UK to the States 3 yrs ago..but we also keep in touch via the internet and phone calls.
    Hope you have a blessed week
    Hopped over from The Elephants Trunk

  12. What a beautiful site and beautiful post. Good luck with your new found sister. I hope you like the game I was passed on. Irecently won The Stylish Blogger Award and now I am passing it onto you. Congratulations! Find out the award details here: Namaste, Kathy

  13. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

  14. Wow. That's a deep post today. I'm sorry to hear of your childhood–that is rough. Reminds me of that new book—what's the name…"Tiger Mom" or something. Life is too short to be so dang strict. I'm glad I have fun with my kids.

    Hope you can enjoy a friendship with your sister. That would be a nice surprise, wouldn't it?

  15. How fortunate to find your sister. I'd be lost without mine. I can't imagine finding, now, as an adult that I have another sibling. Anything's possible though. Following from Thurs Blog Hop

  16. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello over at Killing Time.
    Your story about your sister is amazing, especially since you didn't have that as a child. I hope your relationship continues to grow and you become even closer!

  17. Awwwww! That is very sweet. Your sister is a lucky gal to have you. Thanks for stopping by today. I am following you now. Blessings…


    Saved By Love Creations

  18. I had a tough childhood also. I had eight sibling but grew up as an only child. My dad was married four times. Things were crazy but in my neighborhood most of the kids came from dysfunctional homes.A lot of us formed close friendships and still keep contact with each other after all these years.I am happy you found your sister. I find that in bad things there will always be some good.I learned early to not look at any weakness I may have adopted from my child hood but appreciate the strength's I would not have if I had not been born into my wonky little family and I think you are able to do the same thing. Thank you for sharing with us..I know it is not always an easy thing to do.

  19. Wow! How amazing that you found out you have a sister, found her, MET her, keep in touch with her halfway round the world…and she's a very successful woman!

    I am impressed!

  20. How very cool you found your sister!…I like you grew up too quickly and lived in a very strict house…w 5 kids there was always someone around but my sis is 5 yrs younger so we werent is neat to have a relationship w her now since we both know our family dynamics and it is neat to see it from someone else's eyes. Oprah has come thru a lot…it is good to see her nieces doing so well and her half sister, it spite of being raised in foster care.
    I thought it so interesting that no one mentioned who Patty's (the new one)father was…either Oprah's Mom didnt know or she didnt say…also the man that raised Oprah Mr. Winfrey, does not appear to be her birth father. I think every family has secrets…kinda refreshing to bring light to them! thanks for sharing…

  21. Life journeys lead to much and create us to become…
    A sister to share is a wonderful life journey. So very happy you have connected with yours! I have 3 sisters and they have added much to my life.

  22. What a wonderful blog, it brought a few tears in my eyes. I am so pleased you found your sister.


  23. How wonderful….I have four sisters and with that is a lot of headaches and drama but also a lot of love and laughter. Some times you don't appreciate them until your an adult. So exciting to have a talented sister I hope you made up for loss time.

  24. Oh Katie, I saw that Oprah show too! I was sitting and crying about it because I also have siblings…yes, more than one…that I have never met! I have 5! My biological father never told them about me, and then he died. 🙁 I found them, but they don't appear to want to have a relationship with me. The only one I converse with occasionally is his widow. She sent me pictured of the family…and of my father. You see, I never met him either. He disappeared back to his life after he found out about my birth. So, talk about rejection!! So, I feel your pain, and I say if your sister is willing, do everything you can to build a relationship with her…Thankfully I know I'm pretty fabulous! ^_^ So if they don't come around, I'll still love them all anyway, and their not getting to know me will be their loss! :-]

  25. Katie, as I got into your blog today I got the feeling that you really needed a hug. I do hope with the benefits of modern technology you two can see each other at least by way of computer cameras. Be sure and let her know that I think the dolls are beautiful and I really mean that. Their expressions are gorgious. You might now have had a close family growing up but I do hope you feel the closeness of our blog family. Have a blessed day.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you; may He let His grace shine upon you and be gracious to you; may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-6:26 NIV Hugs from Katherine

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