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  1. I love this idea to put the q and as up here. And what a genius idea to put it in the freezer. I'll be doing that!


  2. It's always good to have new tips so thankyou…but really I enjoy just coming here for the ambiance and MUSIC!! Love it Katie!!

  3. Augh! I got candle wax on my mirror after blowing a candle out too forcefully. Any idea how to remove that?

    1. Rub an ice cube or baggie full of ice over the wax drippings for several minutes. Freezing.Use a plastic butter knife or similar item to pull up the hardened wax. Work the edge of the knife under the edge of the wax and pry it up. The wax will pop off with very little force.Allow the mirror to come back to room temperature ( this is important). If there’s still a bit left heat with a blow dryer ( back and forth motion) and wipe away.

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