chicken dinner

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  1. Well Katie my dear I just happen to have some chicken breasts in the fridge that I was wondering how to prepare so I will try this tomorrow. I am sure it will be very good. Thanks and have a wonderful rest of the weekend. I visited Rachel this morning and she is doing quite well considering. She has this device on her leg that has wires that send electrical pulses that stop nerves from communicating with her brain so she feels much less pain. Amazing what they have come up with. She enjoyed the large quantity of chili I cooked yesterday and the strawberry bunt cake. Catch you later my amazing friend.

  2. This dish does look delish, Katie. I love to eat light and prefer fowl, pork and fish to red meat. This recipe is a winner! Thank you for joining my blog not once but twice, dear friend! You’re special!

  3. Me again. Just one thing, I have never heard of Fuji apples. Should I use cooking apples, or eating apples for this recipe? Look forward to hearing from you!

  4. Wow, that recipe sounds so scrummy my friend. I know of hundreds of chicken recipes, but I have never heard of that one. Will definitely be giving it a try in the next week. Thank you!!

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