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  1. OH my….that 1st photo is awesome! Lovely lavender and white blend…that would make a beautiful Desktop background picture!…Stay warm my friend…

  2. Mine would have to be honey suckle. I loved it so much as a child I even brought some from the woods and transplanted into our yard. I always will love that scent. Another scent I miss and rarely smell any more is tobacco being cured. I grew up smelling it and working in it. The smell is different than when someone is smoking and conjures up memories when my sisters and I had to spend hours in a building sorting and tieing up bundles of cured tobacco to be sent off for sale. Now they just put it all in a bulk barn and send it to market in huge bags. I stopped smoking in 1981 but still love that freshly cured smell. Hope the snow doesn’t cause you any problems this morning.

  3. Wonderful post with lovely photos…thanks for reminding me of the gorgeous smell enhancement that bars of fragrant soaps can be….while my kids were little and grabbing towels for themselves, I gave up on having the niceties in their (hall) closet. I think I will go back to that now that I only have one here at home! LOL
    Have a pleasant and restful weekend!

  4. I enjoyed reading your post about lavendar. I remember seeing pictures of lavendar fields. So beautiful!
    I love the scent of wisteria and have wisteria shower gels and lotion. I keep bars of wisteria soap in linen drawers.
    Also I remember the smell of newly mowed grass. It comes from a memory of my aunt’s house and walking by a newly mowed lawn when I was a little girl. For some reason that stuck in my mind.

  5. I love lavender as well, Katherine. It was a favorite of my mother and grandmothers and we always had the scent in our home. So beautiful and relaxing. Thank you for sharing and bringing back such lovely memories. Hugs to you, my friend.

  6. I love the scent of lavender. I make a great linen spray and put in on our sheets and pillows. It makes you sleep better, so they say.

    I think I’ve figured out how to follow/subscribe to this blog. I’m quite daft if it’s not the usual picture to click.

  7. Hi Katherine,

    I agree Lavender has a lovely smell, and it brings back memories from being a child spending time with my grandparents. The bed linens always had a nice smell.
    Enjoy your Saturday!
    Hugs x

  8. My garden has many lavender plants (soon to be harvested) and at this very moment they are heavy with water as it’s been raining all night and now for the best part of the morning. TFS your lovely pics.

  9. Lilac brings up memories of my maternal grandmother. There was a huge lilac tree in her back yard and the smell would permeate her house.

  10. You lived in France? My husbands grandmother always had lavender soap and he now keeps lavender soap in his drawers and using lavender soap at his sink.

  11. Lavender is really a lovely flower Katie. We do not have it in our garden but I recently received a lavender sachet from an English friend and the smell was great. I know it is also used in several products. Over the years I have seen some breathtaking pictures featuring this flower.

  12. It’s honeysuckle for me. We had it growing outside in the backyard and I loved it! My grandmother’s yard was filled with lovely flowers all the time but I don’t have smell memories of all those flowers…I have sight memories of them! LOL

  13. I love the look of lavender more than the smell… sometimes I find it a little overpowering but I do have lavender scents in my wardrobe. 😉
    The smell of the seaside/beach for me evokes memories of being with my dad as a child on the beach looking for crabs. Have a super friday.

  14. Hi Katherine. Yes, like you, I love the smell of lavender. I would love to walk by Lavender Fields. It must be wonderful, both the wonderful colour blue and the scent. Have a super weekend over there my friend.

  15. You are anchored to the scent of lavender, Katie, and you are wisely using it as a tool for mood enhancement. Flower scents can be tricky because the wrong kind can induce gloom by reminding us of the funeral of a loved one. As a boy I lived near a bakery and therefore I am anchored to the smell of fresh baked goods. There was a shop in my town that sold fresh hot peanuts and that would be another smell that reminds me of home. Imagine going to a fair or carnival without your sense of smell. 90% of the enjoyment would be gone!

  16. Oh I just love lavender, I grow my own now and dry it to make scented heart. The smell always reminds me of being a little girl playing in my nanas garden, she had massive amounts of lavender.

    Happy weekend

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