handmade crystal covered cane walking stick

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  1. I am entirely impressed with your cane! My goodness, the work and tedious application of all those crystals! I love it though! That’s what I would aspire to if I ever had to make my cane (which I am using now for a broken kneecap) a permanent part of my life!

  2. I am sorry to hear of such a loss in your life; health issues and the result of abuse. I pray you will gain such strength and renewed health. Our oldest daughter married an abusive man, she thought she could change him. He tried to kill her outside our home. We moved her into our home under protection, his mother talked her into leaving for out of state . She went and it was years. Praise God due to certain circumstances she and the grandkids moved back with us. And now she is married to a wonderful Christian man and has a teen age son. God loves You and he sees and He heals.

    1. Linda, thank you for your lovely comment. I am glad to know your daughter is happy and healthy now. I am happily married to a wonderful man now too. Life throws challenges at us every day. God gives us strength to persevere. Thank you for being a Katherines Corner reader. I send you hugs and wishes for a beautiful day.

  3. Just found your decorated stick. It’s wonderful. When you have to use something every day it must cheer you up. I have 3sticks. 1 stick for flats, 1 stick for high heels(very rare) and 1spare. Would you be able to tell me what make of glue and what type of sparkles I can use to decorate mine. I have found it very depressing having to use a stick, I am nearly 60 but look 43 ish.i am now starting to feel old with the bloody stick. I have M.E and fibro and have been using it for 10/12yrs. It’s only now I thought of decoration. Well my daughter directed me. I live in the uk so there must be some glue stuff I can use.
    Hope you are doing well in your life, DV is a terrible thing and we become much stronger for going through this. Sometimes sharing our story can save another woman. Let’s all enlighten our daughters and granddaughters to this horrendous crime. Thank you Mary

    1. Hello Mary, thank you for leaving such a lovely and inspiring comment. I hope you will stop by Katherines Corner again. To decorate my stick I used E2000 adhesive ( available in the UK and worldwide on Amazon) and flat back crystals,available at most craft shops. Each one is placed using a wooden cocktail stick. It took about 30 hours to do my stick. I would love to see your sticks when you have them all decorated.
      Hugs from across the pond. Katherine P.S. I am from the UK, Mum is from Leicester. 🙂

      1. Thanks I will do pics when they are completed. My sister lives in Nuneaton. Will let you know how I’m getting on. It may take some time. I don’t always have the energy to do things so it’s a bit at a time.

  4. What a terrible ex-husband!!! Ugh! I’m so glad you have a winner now.

    That is the most feminine, blingingest, snazziest walking stick I’ve ever seen! Why am I not surprised that it is decorated in the color pink? Hmmm…LOL

  5. Your walking cane is VERY stylish indeed!!! Although I must say the reason you have it saddens me. Domestic violence is such an awful thing. I have two friends who have been through H E double toothpicks but, neither have had something like this. I am sorry but, your amazing attitude is incredible. I love you sweetheart!!!!

  6. Dear Katie, I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through that physical attack, My goodness, I love what you have done with that cane – all that bling! I can tell that it is ‘just you!’

  7. I am saddened by what has happened in your past, and that it has lingered with you in the present. But I know that you, lovely lady that you are, will surmount this obstacle with your style and grace (and help from hubby and Izzy. LOL). Love the bling that you added – wowser!

  8. So sad to hear that you bear physical problems as a result of a brutal attack. I admire your resolve and strength, and I can’t imagine having to go through an ordeal such as you have had to deal with. I love the pink crystals added to your cane (pretty in pink)…this would be a great idea for other cane using people. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better!

  9. Wow, I had no idea that that happened to you! So horrific!! But I LOVE your attitude, sporting the ‘blinged out’ walking stick! That’s fantastic and so inspirational!

  10. How wonderful to take a necessary item and turn it into a fashion statement! What you have shared makes me incredibly angry and sad but your ability to rise above it all is an inspiration to everyone who is lucky enough to know you. ~ Maureen

  11. I love the details at the top! The whole thing is so pretty. I am glad you can dress it up like that. I am sorry that you are still suffering with this disorder that was delivered in such a terrible way. I have had brain injuries. And nerve damage. I also have spinal issues. Also, the victim of a brutal attack. Unfortunately, not many people understand these kind of health problems. I think it is a good thing to share and let people know every once and again. I wish, I could make you feel better, but I can keep you in my prayers. I am in the middle of PT to help rewire my brain to take balance cues from my vision. Also. suffering from vertigo. Vertigo is a terrible disorder. But you are such a blessing and loved, it is apparent that you love God, and you know He holds you in His hands. I only share with you, so you know that you are not alone.
    God bless you sweet friend,

  12. It looks great, I would do that in a heart beat if I had a cane. It looks very professional! I’m sorry to hear about your physical problems.

  13. Very stylish..what patience you must have!! I love it! I must say that I lecture on TBI in class and although I mention a variety of ways one can receive a TBI I have never given thought to the fact that it can also be a result of domestic violence. I thank you for sharing your story…it will help me enlighten many students not just about TBI but also about domestic violence. Bless you.

  14. “When life gives you lemons,” right Katie? That’s the spirit! It breaks my heart to know someone so special has endured so much pain in her life. My heart mends when I remember that you now have a spouse who loves you and takes good care of you and your little dog, too.

  15. Sorry you went through so much and your injuries are still with you.

    Your cane is styling and oh my goodness, that must have taken ages to put each one of those crystals on. The result is beautiful ♥

  16. Well that’s one sexy looking cane Katherine!
    Heartbreaking to read that your ex was physical ( mine was too so I can relate perfectly ) thank God they’re EXES – shame yours had to leave a souvenier 🙁
    Perhaps you could give him a whack with that glam stick sometime!

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