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  1. When my children were small and money was tight, we would go on a treasure hunt throughout the house and look for loose change which would determine what we could go and do. Sometimes it was buy popsicles at the grocery store but I remember once we had enough to go to the movies. Also the picture for this post is gorgeous 🙂

  2. When my sister and I were little girls (preteens)she made me ride the zipper at the fair, and my money fell out of my pocket (a couple of dollars), so we were looking around for it, and I found a $20 bill! Of course my sister (older by 3 yrs) made me give her half saying I would have never found it if she had not made me ride the zipper! LOL I won a bunny rabbit with that money!

  3. What a cool story! That’s wild – found in a field. I found money the other day in a parking lot… I turned it in to the restaurant manager, inside… so no earnings for me. haha… I also found some money in the zipper pocket of a purse in my closet. I love finding money I forgot I had! It’s like a savings account without interest! 🙂

  4. I once tried on a pair of shorts in a resale shop, stuck my hand in the pocket (no clue what made me do that) and found a 50 dollar bill!! The other day I cleaned out a kitchen junk drawer and there was an envelope with 40 bucks in it! Neither my hubby nor I remember putting it in there! Isn’t found money the best? 🙂

  5. I have found two wallets. One was many, many years ago. My husband was using a pay phone (ha, remember those!!! lol) and it was on top. I handed it to hubby and we drove to the man’s house to return it. The man was not happy to see us, almost accusatory that we had his wallet (seriously!).

    The second time was many years later (not many, many, lol) and I remembered the sting from the first time so I dropped it in a public mailbox (my hubby is a mailman, so I knew that was a common thing for people to do and that the post office will deliver it to the person).

  6. I found $20 once in grade school. I turned it in to the office and waited to see if anyone claimed it. No one did and I got to keep it. I could not tell you what I did with it.. I so don’t remember. I do remember waiting though to see if I would get it. lol

  7. I found a crumpled pile of money on the floor at the post office in Chicago 15 years ago. I picked it up and put it in my pocket. When I counted it, it was 33 bucks!

  8. Once, I found a $5 bill in the lobby of our post office. I was so shocked, that I just left it there. When I got to the car, I decided to go back inside to get it, but by that time, someone else had picked it up. I also found $40 wadded up on the floor near the front of a busy Walmart. I picked it up and looked around to see if anyone had just dropped it and was looking for it. People were just walking by and ignoring me and the money I just picked up. It was SO bizarre! I think that’s how out of it Walmart shoppers are!!! I thought about taking it to the front desk, but was reminded that nobody would claim it and even if they did, the employees would keep it. I decided to give a little extra in the church offering on Sunday, instead.

  9. I had found someone’s wallet in a parking lot with hundreds of dollars, credit cards, etc. in it as well as the person’s ID.
    The gentleman was very pleased and surprised that I had returned it to him in person with Everthing still in it as he was leaving on vacation in a couple of days and that was his vacation money.
    It really made my day when he gave me a great big bear hug.

  10. Those quarters you found were mine, Katie. Please return them to me at once! (LOL)

    Yes, I do have a story about finding money. I was 15 and visiting an amusement park. I came to the bumper cars and looked over the fleet of unoccupied vehicles trying to decide which one to ride. I spotted a green one with the number 6 on it. Green is my favorite color and 6 my lucky number. When I hopped behind the wheel I found a $10 bill on the seat, a substantial amount of money in 1965. When I finished riding the bumper cars I went to a game of chance and placed a quarter on a green square numbered 16. 16 is also a lucky number of mine. I won 3 cartons of cigarettes! Don’t ask me how a teenager was allowed to gamble for cigarettes at that resort but I did and I won. Of course, when you win cigarettes, you actually LOSE if you know what I mean. Have a great day, dear friend Katie!

  11. Hi Katie! That’s amazing that you found the money and the 4-leaf clover together! A friend of mine many, many years ago found a $100 bill (when that was a HUGE amount of money) in back of a convenience store — exactly when she needed the money for groceries. What a gift that was! I once found $15 (a $10 bill and a $5 bill) in a pile of papers to be filed at home. None of us had any idea how it got there but since I found it, I claimed it! 😀

    Blessings on your day!

  12. My brother and I found $100 on the ground outside a mini mart one time. We figured it must belong to the store so we took it in and handed it to the cashier. When we got out to the car and told our (very broke) parents what we’d done, thinking they’d be proud of us for being so honest, they were shocked! Dad said that cashier ate good that night…hee hee 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder, by the way, as I’m supposed to check on something for my son. My husband gave him $4.00 the other day for a vase that he decorated and was selling. When my son went to count his money last night, he found an extra $5.00. I’m supposed to find out if Dad slipped that in there on purpose…but I forgot until I read your post. Ha!

    I’m hosting my Homemaking Linkup Weekend and would love to have you join, if you’d like!

    Have a great day!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  13. I actually found $20 in my parents bathroom as a kid. My younger brother told me we should split it and not tell anyone, but I was to honest for my own good and gave the money back to my mom. I still remember this, because ever once in awhile my mom actually mentions this one and still laughs about it!! 🙂

  14. That is so weird….to find them neatly stacked in a field. lol I found a twenty on the ground in a department store. I waited there for a long while to see if I could spot anyone looking for it, but I didn’t! I guess it was my lucky day. Not as exciting as your find though!

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