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  1. What a blessing to have had your mother on Mother’s Day! I’m glad you and she had a wonderful visit and she is safely back home. I love the porch, and wish our weather would stay warm enough for me to get outside. Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love container gardening too. You not only get the beauty of the flowers, but the beauty of the containers as well. It also seems much less back breaking to maintain. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time with your mother. A girl needs her mother, no matter what her age.

  3. Other than my perennial garden I don’t have any flowers in my beds. Only pots and planters. It’s so much easier to keep them watered! So glad you had a nice time with your Mom. Treasure it…

  4. What a wonderful post. We are glad you had such a lovely visit with your mother. Thank you for sharing it with us on our Brag About It Tuesday party. ~~ Sharon & Denise

  5. I love container gardening but this year since we are moving in with friends while our home gets built (via my blog) I won’t be gardening. I love to plant in my pots, the watering can get to me at times. I am so glad that you had a great time with your mom! Have a great day.


  6. Happy morning to you, Katherine.

    I love filling my pots with pretty plants each Spring. Mine seem to be taking a bit longer to fill out this year. I am sure it is due to the lingering cooler weather.

  7. In my old house, we had a pool and patio that pretty much took up most of the back yard. So it was filled with containers to help bring some colour to the garden. I used to call it the “concrete jungle” and the containers really helped to soften the edges. I even planted a few hostas and a Japanese maple in pots. I still have them and they are still thriving.

    Love container gardens, just hate having to water all the time.

  8. Oh so pretty! I’m glad the weather is finally getting straight for days. Although it was only 66* today. I hope you guys enjoyed Mother’s Day & you have a great week ahead.


  9. I’m so happy that you got so spend quality time with your mom. That little Fairy sleeping in a flower is just precious! Wishing you a blessed week my dear.

  10. So glad you had a great visit with your Mom.
    I too, love to use containers for gardening. I’ve been in the backyard all…day…long working away. Got several containers cleared out and ready to plant some new ones for this year. Hoping to go by Lowe’s tomorrow to pick out a few. I absolutely love to see color all around our yard so I’m super excited to go picking out plants tomorrow. Have a great evening!

Love each other as God loves you xo

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