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  1. Right up my alley and I love to watch these shows and pre-shows and after fashion police. This last show, I missed it all and felt so out of it so I can’t offer an opinion. Loved this post and see you at the Academy Awards…on the couch that is.

  2. Dear Katherine, I did watch the Globes. I haven’t seen the movies mentioned but always enjoy watching what everyone is wearing. My daughter and I enjoyed watching it together and talking about it, that is the best part. Blessings, Catherine

  3. Great show! This is the first awards show that I can remember watching and then saying, “Is it over already?” I love awards shows, but this was a notch above the rest…….even with the incredibly awkward speeches from Jacqueline Bissett. I just stared at the TV during her speech thinking, “Wow! At least she looks great.” I am of the opinion that anywhere Bono is, must be a cool place to be.

  4. I don’t know who Sosa Bacon is, but that dress is FABULOUS and she looks great in it!! All three dresses,great choices. I think I live under a rock, I only know Taylor Swift (14-yr old daughter in the house). 🙂

  5. Amy and Tina RULE! They should definitely host every year. How on earth could I pick a favorite dress though? So many amazing gowns!!!

  6. Cate Blanchett’s dress still has me mesmerized! Loved it! I have it on my blog today with a post about style icons…how they can benefit us when searching for our own personal style. Happy Tuesday, Katie!

  7. I don’t usually watch the show, but I always take a look at the outfits celebrities wear afterwards online and my favorite from this one was Sophia Vergara, who looked gorgeous and so classy! 🙂

Love each other as God loves you xo

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