star gazer lily

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  4. This is my first visit to your blog. Thank you so much for hosting the party, and Happy belated Anniversary! I love the lilies!!!!

  5. Gorgeous flowers, Katherine! Thank you so much for hosting and also thank you again for having me as a guest this week. Hugs, Maria

  6. Hi Katie! I always look forward to your beautiful Thursday flowers – those star gazer lilies are gorgeous! Thanks so much to you and the ladies for hosting – hope you have a happy Thursday!

  7. My summer always includes a trip to the LILY FESTIVAL where a local lily farm offers over 2400 varieties!
    and all available to order online !
    lovely post reminder, Katherine – TY!

  8. HI Katherine and Ladies, thank you so much for hosting another party!! Happy Anniversary to you and how sweet of you hubby!! I LOVE it when they bring flowers. Have a wonderful week, hugs, Lisa

  9. Happy Anniversary may God continue to bless your marriage more each year, those are beautiful flowers! i love carnations i used them for my wedding and bouquet. 🙂

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