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  2. There are so many, “duh” why didn’t I think of that ideas here and I love them! I’m sure this one is floating around somewhere but I use old toothbrushes to clean the light switch plates. We still have lots of the old kind with the ridges. Old toothbrushes are also great for cleaning around the base of faucets.

  3. What a smart idea for the picnic bottle for the soap!! I keep the big jug up there and every once in awhile it slips off into my sink when I’m doing up a small round of dishes, lol. That little bottle would fix that!! 🙂

  4. Great ideas! I use one of those squeeze bottles for the Wisk I use to pre-treat the neck of Lorin’s dress shirts. And the bottle is actually 29 years old!! It’s from the hospital when MaKenzie was born; they used it to give her a bath. LOL!! (Never have found another one, there are four little holes in the top and the plastic is extra ‘soft’)
    I also use those plastic shoe boxes in my kitchen to ‘file’ my gravy packets. I stand the pkts up, so the lid won’t work though.
    A new idea I came up with this summer while trying to organize my office/craft room: I used a metal shoe rack, made with just flat shelves, in my closet where the double bar section is. I put a lot of my scrapping supplies on it. It cleared out a ton on clutter in my ‘work’ space!

  5. I use a coffee can to contain my yarn when knitting. I recently saw an idea that had the yarn feeding out of a hole rather than the top, so you can put the lid on the can.

  6. I fill up old liquid soap bottles, small ones that hang up, from out of a gallon jug, then rinse the jug cut a piece off to make a scoop so the children can use it in the sandbox to make sandcastles. I love the twine idea at the moment I use a shoebox! Your idea sounds better and takes up less space:) Also good bits of old worn towels can be cut up and used as facecloths!:) Just a couple of ideas!

  7. I am going to do the frozen sponge trick….brilliant! I fill my condiment squeezer with olive oil to put on the grill pans when we grill ahi tuna. It is another great use….I still use the pretty glass bottle for my dishwashing soap…just stubborn!

  8. Katie, I love all of these, but my favorite is your very first one, pouring your dishwashing liquid into the condiment jar — because I have been doing the exact same thing for several years! I don’t want to keep a glass container around my sink because of my clumsiness so the plastic condiment jar works perfectly! Have a blessed day!

    1. I bought the wash bins ( washing tubs) from our local dollar store. I have used this “new uses for old things” trick for years. Its inexpensive, reusable and they stack together nicely when not in use. Hugs!

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