lets talk turkey

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  1. Lets talk turkey post is a very good turkey tips! For the first time ever I’m going to my son’s girlfriend house, because they are allergic to my cats! So I’ll make and bring some of my Favorites! They are going to use a Green EGG… something new! Hugs.. P.S. Party time at my place stop by and grace my party Hugs Maria

  2. We have a big Thanksgiving planned this year.. and finding lots of great ideas through Katherine’s corner.. thanks and thanks for hosting the blog hop.. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Great tips to live and cook by!!! My husband always likes cooking the turkey breast down (his theory, moister breast). My grandmother used to baste throughout the cooking process. And have you heard of cooking the turkey in a brown paper bag, we have done that too, (husbands idea) I have seen other recipes with that suggestion. I like the idea of pesticide, hormone, antibiotic free and USDA approved.

    Have a great day!!!
    Hugs Karren

    1. Karren your Grandmother and I do it the same way. But, I am thinking of trying the turkey breast down for half of the cooking time then turning over for the remaining time. I’ve never tried the brown paper bag either. Great suggestions. Hugs!

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