facts about senior dehydration plus giveaway

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  1. I’ve tried leaving comments but they aren’t showing up! I will try one more time: I learned that they won Best Medical Alert Provider of 2015, and that they have nationwide coverage, which is awesome!

  2. With a touch of a button Bay Alarm emergency trained operators can contact family, friends, neighbors or 911. What a great service.

  3. A study conducted in long-term care facility found that 31 percent of the residents were dehydrated. A similar study revealed that 48% of aging adults that were brought into the hospital after receiving emergency treatment showed signs of dehydration in their lab results.

  4. I learned that they’re a company that provides medical alarm systems and that they’re backed by the nation’s most reliable 24-hour emergency call center. I’m not a senior yet but am disabled and live alone. I like that this service can only cost $23.95 per month too. Nice! 🙂

  5. working with the seniors 26 yrs. I am now retired. Fluids, food, and meds. are some of the main issues. Too often meds. will effect the fluid intake. Med. are another concern; family if available need to check now on them to make sure if there is health changes the senior is not over medicated and sometimes that factor is over looked with health changes. Thanks for the post and helping others with senior care

  6. Katie there are so many helpful choices at Bay Alarm Medical for Seniors and this water bottle looks amazing!
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  7. I learned that several times throughout the year they partner up to give to charity and serve to others. One of them is the Making Life Easier for Our Vets Partner: Purple Heart Homes®. This company is amazing! I love that they give back.

  8. Automatic Fall Detection with this alarm system is very important to me. My husband just spent a week in hospital because he fell and fractured 5 ribs, punctured and collapsed a lung. Part of his problem is low blood pressure. This can be caused by dehydration. I try to keep him hydrated all day. However, it is difficult to do.

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