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  1. I’d put the money towards Christmas shopping and a really good haircut, and I would probably choose the living room to put the mural~

  2. It would be awesome to win a wall mural and paypal cash. I would use the cash to buy Christmas gifts for the kids and grand kids. Thank you for having this giveaway and the chance to win. 🙂

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  4. I will soon be re-doing a spare room into a study for Hubz (Note: I studied your post about “What I Did Wrong” for details and inspiration!) I think the ‘Old Map’ mural might be a great addition to the small room to add the feel of a library.
    Mary Beth Elderton

  5. To tell you the truth, I really don’t know what I would do with the money~ I will probably use it to buy some decorating accessories for my Kitchen. That is the room I would have the Gorgeous wall mural put in..If I am the lucky winner!!

  6. I would put a wall mural in my son’s room. If he decided he didn’t want the mural, I would put it in the hallway outside of my bedroom.

  7. What a beautiful giveaway…Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner Co-Hostess at Katherines Corner

  8. I would most likely give the mural to my neighbor for her daughter’s room and put the money towards a new sewing machine, thank you for this chance to win.

  9. This would be awesome in our living room! We just moved into our new home and I’m still looking at ways to decorate.

  10. Holy batman,
    Re: WOW, I need the prize to buy much needed grocery & supplement to get well soon. Wow, prize $150 is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the cash to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  11. I will use the money for our homeschool. My son is Dyslexia so I try to provide him with lots of hands-on activities and games, so the money would be a blessing for him!

  12. omg, i have been wanting it forever, i would do my back porch wall and make it be an island oasis, ah so i can be on the beach every day, so cool

  13. With a beautiful Mural like this, I would defiantly put it in my living room. When guest come to visit they will see it and I know would love to get one of their own.

  14. I’ve visited InkShuffle before so it was easy to decide what we would purchase. My son is an avid swimmer and is on a team that is part of USA Swimming. I have several beautiful images of him in the water at practice and at meets so it would be one of those and it would go up on the wall nearest his bed. You’d never know he was special needs once he’s in the water.

  15. I can’t get the categories to download the pictures, but it would be fun to add an animal of some sort to my husband’s outdoor room. An elk, deer, moose, etc.

  16. I would use the mural in my dining room. It has a cathedral ceiling and there is a large upper wall that is blank, but I can never decide what to do with it. A mural would be perfect.

  17. What a great addition to add to our rented house….while we wait to get into a home of our own, these would help make this house into a “home for now”. Cynthia

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  19. I would put one of the sunny water scenes in my bedroom. I’ve got a really big wall that has no windows or doors. It would be perfect on it.

  20. These Wall Murals are Gorgeous. I would love to put one in my Kitchen,Dinning Area..I have the perfect wall for it..This is so exciting to me!!

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