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  1. I loved last night’s episode of This Is Us, it was a tear jerker as usual. Looking forward to Will & Grace, Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Fire. Wondering where my black lace cloth is and do I have enough time to tackle the project I want to plus I have to remember to buy trash bags. Have a pleasant evening Katherine!

  2. How I never thought I’d feel sorry for Mark Zuckerberg, but, bless his heart, they’re blaming him this morning for Trump’s victory over Clinton because Russia bought FB ads…..I’m laughing all over myself! I’m also thinking about the traitorous hooker Westies who go right back to sleep after their good morning cookie! I had NO IDEA about Will and Grace!

  3. Thought it was just me that rambled as I thought of what I needed to do an what I want to do, today or any day. Good to take time out for your pup. Our pup hangs out by our chairs as we play on these machines, too easy to flop down and before we know it half the day has gotten away. Good thing we’re retired. Today despite spending time on here I got a few things accomplished, about time. I mostly go by impulse at the moment, amazing what I get done.
    Have great weekend

    1. Janeellen, please don’t fall over when you see my reply, wink. I apologize for the ridiculous delay in replying to your valuable comment. Thank you for spending some of your online time at Katherines Corner. Our pups are the best and they do keep us “in check”. Our Izzy will actually plop a toy on the laptop keyboard as a message to stop working . Hugs!

Love each other as God loves you xo

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