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  1. I love the thought of you and hubby and Izzy on pajama day! My mother wore what I’d call silk “dressing gowns.” I actually buried her in one that was red and gold and went to the floor. It had a Chong Sam neck with frog closures. It was beautiful. She was so thin when she died of dementia and hadn’t worn her clothes in so long. I’ve actually been thinking about looking for something like that to wear around the house, but yes… They’re expensive. Wish I had an idea for you. xoxox, Brenda

  2. Thank you for the fun giveaway. Fall chilly evenings have begun and I so enjoy closing the blinds , getting comfortable in my PJ and turn on the gas fireplace……..

  3. As an adult I don’t recall spending a day in my jammies (audible gasp)! I work out not long after I get up and even when I don’t I’ll put on lounging clothes, t-shirt and yoga pants. I bought a pair of pjs this summer and couldn’t believe the prices. With winter coming soon I will definitely think about a pajama day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love pajama days when my girls are out of school for the holidays. Mr. Sketchy Reader will build a fire outside on the patio, and we binge watch the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, drink hot drinks, and sometimes roast marshmallows. So much fun! They are the best days!

  5. Still been too hot here in all honesty, but I do love pajama days when the the weather does get cooler. Just reading this reminded me how much, I do. Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend so far now, Katie and get a pajama day in soon, too xoxo <3

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