easy tuscan style bean soup recipe

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  1. I am the bean soup lover here, if I made it for hubby, he wouldnt want kale or spinach. He is odd, he just doesnt like the texture. Myself, I think the spinach would work well fresh or frozen. It looks good.

    1. Ellen, I do hope you try it. I understand your hubby though, mouth feel is different for everyone. Our daughter still won’t eat a strawberry because she doesn’t like the texture ( she’s 37 now) I know pineapple is a bother for some tooI think it just means a little more for the more for you, wink. Hugs

  2. Soup looks really good. I will definitely try soon (my family loves soup). I love the simplicity of your recipe and instructions. Thank you for sharing. Love reading your blog and your recipes.

  3. Absolutely!! It looks and sounds amazing!! I love bean soups!! Beans and lentils both actually lol!! This sounds like a real winner!

  4. Can’t wait to make this. This will definitely be next snowstorm food for sure. Today’s snowstorm is over and I need to head to the supermarket to get a couple of the ingredients that aren’t in my pantry and then it can snow again whenever it wants.

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