stupid sandwich night

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  2. We every once in a while will have soup and sandwich night. Husband won’t eat breakfast for dinner. lol I think breakfast for dinner is great because I never eat breakfast so it is a treat for me.

  3. These are great suggestions for stupid sandwich night! LOL. I love that term. We often have soup and sandwiches for dinner too whenever it’s a night we need a quick meal.

  4. My memories of sandwich night were grilled cheese and canned tomato soup. These all look delicious and I would go for any of them. I love a panini, which is technically a sandwich too, right? That wrap looks really good…

  5. That’s hilarious, Katherine! Once when my family was traveling together by car one of my daughters said she wanted to stop, she said “to buy some eyeliner.” that sounded to her dad like “recliner”. He said, “What, you want to buy a recliner??” Ever after that has been a family joke. Whenever someone doesn’t hear exactly what the other person said he or she will say, ” What? You want to buy a RECLINER??” Then we all burst out laughing. It’s one of those things that isn’t funny to anyone else buy the people that were there. Anyway, I think stupid sandwiches sound fabulous! Especially, if someone else makes them for me!

  6. I love the idea of “Stupid Sandwich Night” and yes have these nights here every so often whether it is pot luck, leftovers, breakfast for dinner or even sandwiches! Thanks for sharing and hope you are having a great week so far xoxo <3

    1. the silly things we love about life. My Mother made Reuben sandwiches a lot when I was young. When I turned 16 I stopped eating anything with a face. I stayed that way until halfway through my pregnancy my doctor told me off and said go home and eat some protein! I added chicken and over the years have still stayed away from beef 99% of the time. But, a good Reuben is hard to turn down. Hugs!!

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