Sell Your Stuff, Tips for Having a Yard Sale

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  1. I would add to put into your ads ‘no early sales’ to discourage people from showing up a dawn. Yes, they did that once to me! I put everything inside the garage ready to go, and open the door on time. I can always move larger items out to the lawn once the sale is open. I also post a large sign that says “No Checks, No Bills Larger than $20 please”. Often if given a $20 for a small sale, I’ll ask if they have anything smaller. People often just don’t think about that. Nowadays, I am more likely to shop at thrift stores, and we live too far out to have a garage sale.

    1. Hi Carole, great tips, thank you. I did include the no bills larger than 20’s in the ad. But did not mention early birds. I’m all ready to sell, I just need to open the door at 7:30. Hugs!

  2. Such great tips. I haven’t had a yard sale in several years. When my kids were small, they loved doing that. They also loved going to yard sales with me! I would get to the sales early and got so many great deals on outdoor playsets, etc. It was so fun! Like you, I quit going because I had enough stuff! But, I would like some patio furniture, so I think I will start making the yard sale rounds again!

  3. What great yard sale tips and perfect timing as I think I definitely may have some stuff I would like to purge at a yard sale! So, thanks and hoping you are having a great week so far xoxo <3

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