saint patrick's day

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  1. Wishing you better days in times ahead…’s crazy times and we need to be there for each other

  2. Katherine, the imagery you created of this experience seriously just made me weep. I am so fortunate that my husband has been the one to venture out to the store and do all that necessary stuff because I don’t think my heart could handle witnessing it all firsthand. While there are many good people in the world stepping up and out to help each other, there are just as many not so good people who are simply out for themselves. I think this is the normal state of how people are but it is amplified and becomes more apparent in times like these. I am so very sad these days, but I am continuing on with my blog sharing things that are light and fun. We all need a happy distraction wherever we can find it! Stay safe and healthy and keep those prayers coming!


  3. It really is a strange environment right now. I have to say, I’m either lucky (or just oblivious), because my few recent trips to the grocery store have been pretty normal. There was even some toilet paper on the shelves on Sunday (with a limit of 2.) My daughter and I were texting last night, and she mentioned just what you did, about the tense, hostile energy at the store. She said, a lady was looking at her with suspicion, and she wanted to say, “Relax, I’m just buying ice cream.” haha (She is worried because she can’t find any toilet paper.) I agree with you about the panicked behaviors being dangerous! I’m trying to stay positive. I agree, with prayer, we will weather the storm! Virtual hugs. xoxo

  4. I’m sorry you had such an experience as this. A crisis like this will bring out the best in some and the worst in others. I went to the store yesterday and had just the opposite experience. People were friendly and polite. We all smiled at each other and wished our checkers to stay safe. I was in four different stores yesterday and all four trips were good. At one store the checker was telling all the customers when the next shipment of hand sanitizers would be in and what would be the best time to come in. Also many of the grocery stores are open early in the morning for two hours exclusively for senior citizens. We will get through this but it’s a much more positive experience when people pull together.

  5. Katherine, praying with you about the things we have experienced in this crisis to date. Pleading with God that we don’t see worse from our fellow man.

  6. Katherine, I do feel your pain. I had a very similar experience, and was dumb struck by what I was seeing. There is still kindness out there. Many people have reached out to me to see if I had any needs that they could help with. But, like you, I am a bit afraid and feeling somewhat anxious, as I am now under self-quarantine. My town and county is on lockdown. Or I guess I should say “shelter in place”. Though, I do not truly allow the fear to take hold, because I know the One who is truly in charge, as I know you do. Many many blessings and virtual hugs and prayers headed your way, my dear Bloggy friend. ❤️

  7. Hi Katherine, I agree that those that have should share with those that don’t. Not just during this crisis but always. With that said, I do understand people buying what they need to feel secure during this crisis. However, I do not understand fighting with or being ugly to another person in the same situation as you. It’s like pushing someone out of the life boat so that you can stretch out your leggs. Unacceptable. I am joining you in prayer that we get back to kindness and learn to bless our neighbors and friends. We are all in this together.

  8. Yes, this is something we have not seen before, and we hope that humanity would be calm in light of the storm. Yesterday I was so unproductive because I could feel the heavy energy of the collective. I think getting as much movement, yoga, stretching, water, and meditation will help manage the angst. Stay safe friends….. and serene. xo

  9. Katie, I really just am at a loss right now. Never seen or experienced anything on this level. Just keeping all my family and friends in my prayers and thoughts right now. So many virtual hugs and hoping we all get through this very quickly now xoxo <3

  10. All we can do is pray and know God is in control.
    While I’ve seen some of the crazy elsewhere, I’ve fortunately not seen it here. We’ve been sharing some things with an older neighbor who did not get out in time to get essentials.
    There is still kindness out there!

  11. Maybe everything will kind of level out in the next week or so. There is so many emotions going on in my mind with this event. I did go to our local Krogers and the atmosphere in the store was definitely different. Everybody was polite but the store was crowded. This was the first time in my life that I saw an 80% empty store. It was mind-boggling to say the least. Hope and Prayers for all.

  12. Due to illness and age haven’t been to a store so sad to hear the reports.
    And how negative and overblown the news has become.Yes we should use our head
    And the wisdom God gives to us.But I believe we should all be praying and praising our
    Creator.For God has not given us the spirit of FEAR but of POWER. AND LOVE AND
    ASOUND MIND.In everything give Praise for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

  13. HI Katherine, What a great post. I loved the sentence that your husband squeezed your hand. That made me smile and says so much about your relationship.

    I agree with the 10 loaves of bread.
    Great post. Sharing this weekend on the weekend edit! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I have two college age boys home. laura

Love each other as God loves you xo

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