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  1. I love watches…never leave the house without one…I love mainly my casual ones…and my Brighton that I can change out the bands…love the Fossils too….but the Brighton watches seem to be my go to watches… many?….maybe a dozen?

  2. Huh, I never knew you couldn’t wear jewelry in the medical field. It makes sense. I like your watch collection. You should get some new batteries! 🙂

  3. I own three – one is the “everyday” watch, the “dress” watch, and one my dad gave my mom YEARS ago – only one has a battery that works and I never wear it. Isn’t it funny how something you used to wear ALL the time is just put away and never thought of again? Wonder why that is – maybe because I’m retired and don’t have to worry about what time it is? Yeah, maybe that’s it.

  4. I have two…one is a beautiful present from my husband that needs linked removed because it’s too big (um, it’s needed that two years, lol) and the other is just the face w/the kids names and birthstones…the strap long ago broken.

  5. I have two (I think). One was given to me after the 5th year I worked for a company and the other belonged to my Grandma. None of them do I wear.

    I can’t stand them on my wrist.

  6. You have quite a collection. I have a few that I don’t wear simply because I need new batteries – ha, ha! Have an awesome weekend! BTW, I love your collection!

  7. My parents gave me a very nice watch when I graduated from high school in 1971, I still have it. At one time years ago I was offered (by a jeweler) quite a bit of money for it, but when I had it worked on recently they said no longer worth so much. But it’s worth everything to me because of the emotional attachment. That’s the only watch I own any more, I quit wearing watches when I got a cell phone. Your collection is so colorful and fun!


  8. Hmmm… I have as many as yours or maybe more but unfortunately, I seldom wear them. I love watches, and I have in different colours, sizes and I love branded.

    Unfortunately, I got an allergy and it itches, the reason I stopped using them.

    Happy w/end.
    /CC girl

  9. It’s funny, I think I have 3 but I don’t wear none. I think they do need batteries, but to be honest at this point I really don’t even know the location of any of them.

    Have a great weekend and hope you join in in the Follow Who? Social at

  10. Two and one has a dead battery. An Elizabeth Taylor watch. It’s beautiful, but not that comfortable, hence no battery for many months already. Just sitting in a black velvet box with its two other face frames right besid it, peering out at that world and wishing for a new life.

  11. I love the green watch and the one with hearts! I have a red minnie mouse watch from when I was a teenager and a black watch with a gold studded TX on the face plate, also from when I was a teen a log time ago!
    I have three working watches, one is blue with a Disney penguin on the face, and the other is a Christmas watch in the shape of a penguin (I love penguins), my third is a necklace my husband bought me for our ann. this year, it is in the shape of a hand crank sewing machine! I do need to buy a nice one I can wear to church though. LOL

  12. I really like wearing watches, but sometimes I forget to put one on as I head out the door….=)
    You have so many pretty watches!!
    I have about 3 watches, but only one has a working battery in it.

    Have a fabulous weekend Katherine!

  13. Hi, Katie

    I love watches and I only have two at the moment. But I have my eye on a few that I really would like to have. LOL Have a great weekend and keep warm.


  14. So cute! I honestly never wear a watch because I don’t like the feeling of them on my wrist… weird aren’t I?
    The Beauty Suitcase

  15. I think I have two or three – none of them work and I never where a watch anymore. One belonged to John’s grandma, it’s my fav, I should get a battery in it and wear it.

  16. I haven’t used a watch in about ten years, LOL. I use my cell phone or a computer. That being said, it would be sad if watches fell into oblivion. They are such cool little gadgets.

  17. Are you saying that you do not wear any watches at all, Katie, or only that you do not wear these? These are all stylish and you should get them running and get some use out of them. Mrs. Shady also works in the healthcare field and is limited to the same two articles of jewelry you mentioned. To me a woman is not properly dressed unless she is wearing a watch. Cell phones tell time but a watch makes positive and powerful statements about a person: organized, civilized, punctual, dependable, style conscious, successful, authoritative, etc. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Katie!

  18. I own about five, but sadly don’t seem to wear them much. since I have my cell phone with the time, I kind have forgotten about my poor lonely watches!! Have a great weekend, Katherine!! 🙂

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