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  1. Thanks Katherine for sharing your ideas about comforting things to do at home. I have a home yoga practice so I stay active, fit, and comfortable. Visiting you at Thursday Favorite Things Link Party #432. Thanks for hosting. “Secrets to Selecting Top Fashion Colors to Flatter You (203)” is my offering this week. Please stay safe and well and have a great day.

  2. Thanks for all the idea, Katherine. It is indeed an challenging time. Especially the fact that we don’t know how long it will last. Myself, I just have to take one day at a time and not project into the future at all.

    I wish you and your family health and safety from this horrid virus.

  3. Katherine these are all such good ideas. Baking and reading are my favs. But I also want to share that each time i visit your blog l always feel such a gentle and warm vibe. So I have to also add blog visits to my personal comfort list. 🙂

    1. Leslie, thank you for your kind words. It is a pleasure to have you as a subscriber.You made my day with your thoughtful comment, thank you sincerely and stay safe xo

  4. Sweet post, Katherine. I agree, baking from scratch—might take longer, but way worth the extra experience. Especially with children—what lessons do they learn about self sufficiency by opening a box, or slicing a roll of refrigerator cookies. And we have done some binging!
    Hanging in there, hope you are all healthy and safe, too!

  5. I love your great ideas and I’m tempted by those pretty pink slippers! I was going to load a new game on my IPAD and I am reading books….on my IPAD! I don’t watch much tv but in the evenings we are watching an hour or so of an old movie to relax. We like Alfred Hitchcock movies and classics. Today we went for a long walk! I hope everyone will remember to GET OUTSIDE to walk or at least sit in the sun! Hugs, Diane

    1. I say that too. Just go in your yard and breathe. But we’ve had snow so our trips outside are brief ( wink). I love oldies, and Hitchock is one of my fav’s. stay well my friend, Hugs!

  6. Hi Katherine, my favorite thing to do when I first get up is to make a cup of tea and while it is steeping, I turn on the gas logs and then sit in front of the fire and sip my tea. I am slow to wake up so this is a good start to my day! Thank you for your tips for boredom.

  7. Reading after a long day of homeschooling for me right now has helped with my sanity at the very least. But thanks for the further suggestions here. Virtual hugs, my friend xoxo <3

    1. Hi Alex, hubby and I were just talking about puzzles. Apparently they are scarce right now. But what a great way to spend some quality time my friend. Stay well, Hugs

Love each other as God loves you xo

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