sponge cake katherines corner

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  1. This cake sounds and looks so good that I think I would just dust it with a bit of icing sugar, to be able to enjoy the crumb and flavours; yummy!

  2. Oh, this looks SO good. Cake is literally my favorite food and a little dangerous for me to have around the house because of that! I will definitely make this,though. Fruit and whipped cream! Thanks for sharing this, friend. It’s just what I’m craving.

  3. This is definitely my summer go-to dessert! I’m making three; I’ll freeze two whole cakes to keep handy when I need a dessert for company or prayer meeting; then slice the third in individual portions for the boys (hubby and son) or w/tea for me;). Thank you!

  4. I love adding fresh fruit – especially berries – to any sponge cake. Great, light dessert!

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