enter to win pompom socks and cash

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  1. I like this Worry Beads Large, Anxiety Relief Beads, Help for Boredom, Komboloi, Focus Beads, Stress Relief because I have anxiety and stress out.a lot

  2. I like this Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Pendant Necklace| Crystal Teardrop Necklace | Sparkling CZ’s Necklace

  3. A warm bootie slipper for my right ankle.because I have metal in both sides of my ankle from breaking it 4 years ago , right leg hurts everytime the metal gets cold .

  4. i love the Crystal and Gold Angel Suncatcher, my grandma collected angels and she passed away so when i see angels i think of her.

  5. Personalized Photo Christmas Ornaments are PERFECT for the tree – way to keep family close in the warmth of the holidays

  6. On the Zen Spirit Malas, I like the Make A Wish Suncatcher. Such a pretty crystal like piece to hang up.

  7. On Katherine’s Angels, I really, really like the Angel feather gift. I love the “Feathers appear when Angels are near” statement on the piece.

  8. On Keepsakes by Katherine, I love the boutonniere photo charm. What a creative and new style of artwork,.

  9. The word cozy always makes me think of “hygge”. I lived in Denmark for a few years and it was a way of life. Hygge meant cozy, but as a long-term thing. It means being with friends, being relaxed, being your authentic self, being comfortable.

  10. Terrarium Candles having them would be nice I use to have candles at home but I am in a physical therapy place and you can not have any here I had them all over.

  11. The Just Breathe Stress Relief | 108 Bead Amazonite Mala is a great item to remind you to just breathe. I think so many are going about what they have to do each day and breathe so shallow that they get tired. This reminds you to relax.

  12. The Crystal Horseshoe Bouquet Charm, Brides Lucky Horseshoe is a wonderful and beautiful item to have when you are marrying. I think it is just a lucky item to have with you in normal course of day.

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