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  1. Hi Katherine,
    Sending prayers up for you. EVERYTHING will be ok. Please keep us all posted on how you’re feeling.

  2. God bless you with all you do. Your devotion is an example of a good kind soul. May your recovery be swift. Certainly you have your followers that love and support you , I certainly hope you have that on the home front with your nearest and dearest there to support you at this time. Thank you God bless. Cathe’

  3. Prayers coming! I’m sure all will go well. Lord, we look to you to bring calmness to Katherine now and tomorrow during her surgery and your wisdom and guidance to the doctors. Thank you for helping Katherine get through this needed procedure.

  4. Prayers for you my friend that all goes well for you tomorrow. Hope you can go home as planned, I’ll be thinking of you and wish you all the best!

  5. Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry. Yes, a little scary. But on the good side, it’s outpatient. Praying for all the hands that will attend you. May the Lord make it all go smoothly and bring you to better health and very little pain.

  6. Prayers are there for you.
    Look (google) for the Mother Theresa emergency novena and perhaps that will help.

    Best for good outcome.

Love each other as God loves you xo

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