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  1. I am so sorry that it was kidney stone surgery. I will say that I went thru three kidney stone surgeries in one summer and it was all in 8 weeks. my husband and I call it my summer from he(ck). Coming out from being under is not easy and I am sorry that it has been a trial for you. Hopefully you are on the mend.
    My mother had two aortic dissection surgeries and that was not easy for her to come out of the anesthesia. I will say the one that was hardest on her was when she was coming out from a colonoscopy.
    Take it easy as your body knows how to heal and resting is best for you when your body has been “tampered”.
    Prayers for a wonderful and continued recovery.

    1. Hello Maureen! Thank you so very much, and thank you for sharing with me. I’m sorry to learn that you went through this, ugh 3 times!! I am grateful for your bloggy friendship and encouragement. That is so sad about your Mother having difficulty as well. My hubby thinks the anesthesiologist “overdosed” me by not taking account of my medical history in particular. Thank you for your continued prayers. HUGS!

  2. Glad it went well. Please don’t rush to get back “out there”. My experience has been I do need that recovery time! When I have pushed it, I find I am more tired that I realize. We all want you to be fully recovered and healthy.

    1. Thank you so much Linda, unfortunately I didn’t do as I should have and I had a little set back. I posted a video update on Instagram, and later that evening I paid the price for doing too much. Hugs!

  3. Very glad to hear that the surgery went smoothly. I always pray for “boring” surgery, i.e. for things to go exactly as planned. Prayers for calm, restful and speedy recovery, as well as a quick relief from pain.

  4. I’m glad you’re doing better now, Katherine! I’m so sorry you had so much misery! Continued prayers for you. xo

  5. Katherine, so glad the surgery went well, but so sorry the anesthesia did not go as well. That happened to me once as well and was much worse than the surgery itself. Later a friend who worked in a hospital told me to tell every single person I encountered in the hospital, ie, during pre-op, then the surgeon, the nurse, the anesthesiologist, etc. what had happened to me and how much I was hoping to avoid it again. When I did that I received great anti-nausea meds and did not have nausea at all. (in the interest of full disclosure – one nausea medicine did make me anxious and they were able to give me something for that as well, and again no nausea post surgery.) I’m hoping you don’t need any future surgeries, but if so, I hope they can give you something so you have not nausea. sending prayers for your speedy recovery. – Patty

    1. Patty I’m so sad to know you went through it too. Wow it’s awful! Great tip for any future surgery though.Thank you for sharing with me. I know my hubby and I will tell everyone from now on. Thank you for your continued prayers and bloggy friendship. Big Hugs!

  6. Hi Katherine
    I am so happy to hear that your surgery went well. I will continue to pray for you and for your complete healing.

  7. So sorry you had to go thru this. Good news that the kidney stone will no longer give you so much pain. The healing process has begun. Take it easy and rest. You may never get to rest again like this. Prayers to you for a short and mostly pain free recovery. More prayers coming your way!!!!

  8. Katherine,
    So glad to hear this….I was praying so hard because I too thought it was a kidney stone as did the physicians , only to find that the obstruction was caused by a tumor….No kidney stone…Grade One Squamous Cell Carcinoma….Very rare! Luckily, I had pain because usually one does not experience symptoms until it has invaded the bladder or the kidney….They were able to laser it out in another surgery where I did sign to have my right kidney removed if needed. I did not need to have that done…. I needed no chemo or radiation as it had just started and was fully encapsulated… Here I am 16 years later and cancer free……SO happy to hear that yours was only a kidney stone even though i know how bad they can be, being a nurse…..Praying that you feel better soon…Did they have to put a stent in??? The tumor was in my right ureter so I need a stent…After a month, I was ready to pull that baby out myself!! Every time I turned or bent , I felt it….But I needed it to give the operative site a chance to heal!!!
    Take Care!!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

    1. Debbie bless your heart and thank you so much for your bloggy friendship over the years and for your prayers. The pain in my kidney is just awful. I’m saddened to learn of your experience and pray you will never go through it again. I know all to well about the big “C” and hope it never darkens your door again.XO
      P.S. no stint! They were so sure I would need it, so that was a blessing.

  9. Thinking of you today and wishing you a speedy recovery. What you have undergone must have been frightening and understandably so. Prayers are with you and thank you for all you do to keep in touch with all of us, your followers. Keep your spirits high and make sure you get the rest you need. Kind regards from Gayle Page-Robak in Canada.

  10. So grateful you are doing well, Katherine. I have the same reaction to anesthesia and understand what you were going through. Definitely one of the worst parts of the process. I will pray for your continued recovery. Blessings
    ❤️ Maria

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