Easter Bunny Doily Craft

Easter Bunny Doily Craft-

This is a fun craft to share with the little ones make. Let me apologize straight away. I neglected to take a photo of the doily being dipped  into the liquid starch and I left the liquid starch out of the supplies photo too. Oops! Please note, this craft requires an overnight drying time prior to completion.

easter doily craft katherines corner

What You Need

1 Crocheted doily, the size is up to you (you can buy one already made at the craft shop or make one yourself)

1 Piece of white felt (standard size is 8 x 10)

1 Piece of pink felt (standard size is 8 x 10)

1 Piece of ribbon (your choice in color) enough to make a nice bow and long enough for you to make a nice hanger.

2 Googley eyes (available at the craft shop)

1 black fine point marker

Liquid starch

Bowl or wash bin (for dunking the doily into the starch)

Ball, the size need to fit nicely into the center of your doily

Hot Glue gun ( if you prefer not to use hot glue with children, craft glue works well too)

Old towel or rag

Before You Start Pour just enough liquid starch into a bowl or wash bin, you need enough to completely cover the doily (3 times the recommended strength). Dunk your doily into the starch and spread it out. Make sure it gets completely coated. Place your ball onto the towel. Remove doily from starch and wipe away the excess dripping. Place the doily over the top of the ball on the towel centering the ball . press down around the ball to form a nice smooth bump in the middle. Let dry for about 24 hours.

Lets make it! The rest is easy from here. Cut two ears (sized to fit the size of your doily) cut pink center pieces of felt for the inside of the ears. I gave my Easter bunny a floppy ear. Cut out a little pink circle for the nose (you could use a little pompom for the nose if you like) cut the cute cheeks and teeth from the white felt. Draw two circles side by side and add teeth.

Dot with freckles ( where the whiskers go optional).

Using your glue gun place the chubby cheeks onto the lower part of the center bump first and then, add ears, eyes and nose. Tie a ribbon for the bow and glue it  below the face ( bump) and add ribbon to the top.



Tie this cutie to your Easter egg tree or anywhere you’d like to add a little Easter fun.

*Katies Tid Bits, don’t want to wait for the doily to dry, use a straw hat instead

Happy Easter crafting!  

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  1. That is so cute! You are very talented!
    I’m a new follower from the Bunny Hop – I hope you’ll visit me too!
    Musings From a SAHM

  2. Hello Erika, welcome, thank you so much for hopping over. Hugs!

  3. Cute craft! Gotta question – can you use that liquid starch in the laundry? Is it the same thing? And, if so, where do you get it! Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Oh, this is just darling! I see the doily could be used as a little hat too!
    Thank you for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie and Happy Easter to you!
    Shelia 😉

  5. Very clever and cute!

  6. Printing this for next year. Thank you!

  7. hi! this is one good project that i like to try, thanks for this one. I’m following you from the Social Parade. you have a great day!

    here’s mine: Diary Of The Forgotten Princess

  8. That is just precious! Happy Easter to you!

  9. I haven’t seen an actual Easter egg tree in years. (except on a couple of blogs) I don’t decorate for holidays, but do have some crocheted Christmas ornaments, when I get the urge to put up a tree!

  10. Hi Im a new follower from the Uk love your blog
    come visit me anytime

  11. that is adorable. Having been born without the craft gene, I admire those who are fortunate enough to have it! And being retired, I live in jeans, so I’m going to pass on your giveaway. When I was working, I would have loved this dresss!

    • Hello Eva, I laughed when you said you were without the craft gene. The dress really is lovely. Perhaps you’ll share my giveaway with your friends. Hugs

  12. Very cute craft-feel free to come to my house anytime (I wish I was more crafty!). Happy Easter!

  13. Rondell says:

    Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to stop by, always glad to have you!
    Love the little blue bird, cute project!

  14. I actually like the egg looking one but this is cute too.
    Happy Easter!
    ~Naila Moon


  15. What a cute idea!! I’m mad that I won’t have time to do this one this year, but I’ll have to save it for next year!! Thanks for coming by my blog!

  16. Now following you from the Bunny Hop! Have a wonderful Easter. Look forward to reading your blog! You can find me athttp://dinosaurs-and-dandelions.com

  17. This is so sweet! What a great tutorial, Katherine. Thank you.

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  19. This is such a cute idea Katherine! I bet my daughter would enjoy making this with me!

  20. Lovely creation ~ adorable and elegant as well ~ great ‘how to’ ~thanks, namaste, ^_^ linked w/Katherine’s Corner

  21. How adorable this is…:))

  22. This is just too cute! Just visiting all the talent on your hop:)

  23. I think this is so cute! Love the bunny!

  24. So very cute and creative! I love the little bunnies and thank you for sharing over at the hop.


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