Low Fat Fruit Smoothies

Low Fat Fruit Smoothies-

Fresh strawberries are in every bowl in our house right now, giggle. Our plants are bearing strawberries faster than we can eat them. I love it though, plenty to share with the grandchildren and neighbors. We have been enjoying fresh low fat fruit smoothies, delish and so nice on a hot day. Today I’m sharing my very simple and quick low fat smoothie recipe with you. I hope you enjoy it.

fruit smoothies katherines corner

What You Need

1 Cup low fat milk ( I use Lactiad lactose free milk)

1 1/2 Cup ice cubes ( small)

1 Cup Fresh fruit ( washed and cut into chunks)

1 Tbsp sugar substitute (optional) I use splenda ,or use real sugar if you like yours sweeter add a bit more

Blender or Food Processor

Lets Make It! Pour the milk and ice in the blender, cover with the lid and crush well, add fresh fruit and sweetener, cover and process until smooth. (Add more ice if you want it thicker) keep  blending (processing) until smooth ( or the consistency you prefer). Serve in a frosted glass add a piece of fresh fruit.

Serves 1

**Katie’s Tid Bits, you can use a cup of frozen fruit too. Also try sweetening with honey for a little something extra ( add it at the end and mix well.)   Substitute the milk for vanilla ice cream and you have a the full fat version my husband prefers :-)! Do you make smoothies at home? What’s your favorite smoothie flavor?



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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Smoothies! That is my go-to drink when I’m hungry, yet not quite hungry! Filling and refreshing all at the same time! ~Hugs, M

  2. Heather says:

    July is almost here, and the summer heat is coming! These smoothies look like they would be a very cool and refreshing treat. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those look delicious! I love smoothies!

  4. I love smoothies!! A frozen cut up banana and some peaches…and a little peach juice if you use canned peaches…makes a great smoothie. If you do it with just the frozen banana and a cup of milk it is WONDERFUL too! Even without sugar! Just use a ripe frozen banana.

  5. I love to make smoothies as a quick breakfast on the run! They are so good!

  6. Now I like smoothies! Especially ones with strawberries.

  7. May I have one , please?

  8. We love smoothies at our house too!! Wish I had some strawberry plants in our garden!

  9. Hello, my name is Ricki Jill, and I am a smoothie junkie! Yep! I am addicted! Thanks for posting this 😀

  10. Looks delicious! I was going to make my kids homemade milkshakes this week.

  11. This beats soda pop every time, Katie. I wish more kids would realize it. I have loads of strawberries at my place, too. They’re large and consistently perfect, the best crop I’ve seen in quite a while.

  12. Hi Katherine,

    I often make fruit smoothies, especially in summer – it is sometimes all you need for lunch.
    Hope that you are having a lovely week


  13. Love em but we do not make them that often. We have eaten many strawberries this spring because there is a farm near us.

  14. They look so delicious and refreshing especially in the summer!

  15. Katherine, yum and with your own strawberries!! I love smoothies.

    Art by Karena

    I have a New, very fashionable Giveaway on my site! Come and enter!

  16. Looks especially good for this hot weather!

  17. a very healthy drink. for me i would omit the sugar


  18. I LOVE smoothies and make them all the time.

  19. I will definitely be trying these! Yummmm… Visiting and now following on GFC via I Love Blogging Hop…hop on over to my blog and follow back if you like!

    Jessica K

  20. Looks wonderful, so cool and refreshing. The perfect thing for a hot summer day!

  21. oh yummy. i love smoothies. so easy to make and sure to please. i bet my kids would love ’em too. thanks for sharing. hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  22. Sounds super easy and tasty!

  23. It’s so nice to see you back Katherine, with this smoothie recipe on Fresh Food Friday! you are so lucky that you still have (abundant) strawberries! Thanks for sharing and I hope that you’ll stop by again with another delicious recipe post this weekend! Hugs back!


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