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Tid Bit Tuesday time to share a little tid bit of  information about yours truly. If you are regular visitor here at Katherines corner you know I love to cook. I share recipes often, at least once a week. I do something every time I cook, I put my hair up in a hair clip ( nobody wants hair in their food) and I always wear an apron.

I have worn aprons for many years. I have several different ones hanging inside my pantry door. Holiday themes, souvenir, frilly and just simple utilitarian ones. I’m a messy chef! Ask my hubby, he cleans up after me. I cook he cleans, when he cooks I clean :-) Aprons are extremely helpful in protecting my clothing, and they look cute too.I sued to think it would be fun to have one from every state. But I haven’t had a chance to do that yet.

Do you wear an apron? Do you make yours, or do you buy them?

Would anyone be interested in an apron swap?

How it will work-I will put your names on a list and then I will randomly select someone with whom you can exchange a new unused apron ( bought or handmade). Please let me know if you would be interested. I will send all of those who contact me for the exchange all of the information.  The swap ends 10-27 .

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  1. I don’t have any that have a bib, just the plain old tie around the waist kind, from over 40 years ago. I haven’t used one in decades, but I’m not much of a cook, either.

  2. I wear aprons all the time! I love to make them (In fact that is how I learned to sew, was by making them!), I also love to buy vintage ones! I am a very messy cook too, I wear them when cleaning and cooking, I have very long hair so I always pull my hair up too!

  3. I tried getting into the habit of wearing an apron but most of the time my clothes were already a mess before I thought to put it on, lol, so I don’t currently own one.

    I have to put my hair up when I cook – an absolute MUST!

  4. I love your apron collection. I have tried to were them but it never works for me.


  5. I love wearing aprons. I have ruin so many clothes from grease splatters that I always wear one now when cooking. In fact I have gotten my granddaughter into wearing them too and she is just 12 years old.

  6. Always wear an apron when flour is involved. I’m very short and if I don’t wear a bib apron my boobs get all white. :) Is that too much information?

  7. I do wear an apron if I’m cooking in good clothes. I don’t think thrifters are very worried about bedbugs. Furniture, I will sometimes spray outside and fabric usually goes into the washer right away but I’m willing to take my chances!

  8. Lets put it this way, I should! I love the aprons they have at Anthropologybut alas, they are crazy expensive.

  9. Found you through a blog hop and following you now! Glad I found you!
    My blog is http://www.thecsiproject.com

  10. Wearing an apron…almost a lost “artform” in a sense. A time begone era. Nice to see it is still here and alive. There are just some downright gorgeous aprons out there.

  11. I have one apron that I never wear. I just found it the other day when I was baking some homemade scones…I should have been wearing it then but I didn’t. HAH My grandmother used to wear an apron but it didn’t have a bib on it…a half apron before the bibs were added. I don’t believe she ever cooked without it! :) You have quite the variety, cheerful and happy aprons!

  12. You have such a lovely apron collection! I love, love aprons, but that is a new thing for me…..I spent years cooking for three hungry kiddos (and a hungry hubby, of course) and kept relegating shirts to the “I’ll wear this for a work shirt” pile. Now I pick up my apron and tie it on FIRST!! I’m currently searching for a really cute apron pattern to make one for me…..they seem pretty expensive in the stores and the etsy shops. I love darts and a sweetheart neckline, and I have a stash of thirties fabrics I’m itching to use! LOL
    I wouldn’t worry about bugs or anything in a swap – just don’t know if I can commit to even one more thing! LOL

  13. Cook? What’s that? Oh, I seem to remember. As a mom of five, I cooked everyday, and sometimes all day – and then there were family holidays…boy did i cook. But I never remember wearing an apron. Dont think my mom did either, so think that is why I never did. Now that I am old(er)…and its just hubby and me – we eat out alot. But with 8 grandkids, there is some cooking although they are happy with pizza and chicken nuggets….or mac and cheese – but there is always holidays and with Thanksgiving coming…looking forward to cooking again – but alas – no apron.

  14. I don’t usually wear an apron…but I have a few that I love…I usually wear one when I am doing last minute cooking prep for a dinner party and I am in my “party clothing”…My favorite apron is one that I bought in Japan…they are the best…they wrap around and have a button…no strings…Apron exchange?…sounds like fun!!

  15. Deborah says:

    I have a couple of aprons that I have bought. Anthropologie has cute ones but I always forget to wear them!

  16. I have been wearing them more and more and I buy my aprons, I would love to participate :)

  17. ColleenB. says:

    What a lovely collection of aprons you have.
    Made my first apron when I was in school……so many years ago. Was first project I had ever made. Since, I have made 1 apron (tie around the waist type) out of an old pair of jeans; trimmed in red and white

  18. I need to wear an apron. I have never found one I really like. You have so many. I really need to start wearing one, save my shirts. I would participate!

  19. love your apron collection!

  20. I wear my apron not only when I cook but also when I am painting or doing crafts. My girls each have their own too. I would love to do the swap.

  21. I love aprons and ware mine often. I collect them and love & cherish them!

  22. When do you want us to have the aprons ready? Is it a blind swap, or will we know something about the person we swap with?


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