Soft Pretzel Twists

Soft Pretzel Twists-

Our sweet Izzy had surgery on Thursday morning ( those on facebook already know the story). I am very sorry if I didn’t make it to your Thursday Favorite Things link. He had an adult canine tooth removed and gum surgery and then he was neutered….He’s doing well and he has been babied and snuggled even more than usual, which is A LOT! Giggle, he is our sweet shaggy baby after all. We enjoyed Autumn temperatures on Saturday. It felt like the perfect time for football and soft pretzel twists. My husband enjoyed them while he watched the Michigan football game on television ( he’s from Michigan) .

soft pretzels katherines corner

What You Need

1 Package (1/4 oz.) active dry yeast

1 Tbsp. Splenda ( or sugar)

3/4 tsp. Salt

4 1/2 Cups flour

2 1/2 Tbsp. Olive oil (not extra virgin)

2 Tbsp. baking soda

Your choice of toppings -sea salt,  sesame seeds, poppy seeds, caraway seeds, shredded Parmesan, shredded Cheddar, coarsely ground pepper, raw sugar, cinnamon and sugar combination, etc.

2 Large bowls

Clean Tea Towel

Cooking thermometer

Microwavable measuring cup (or bowl)

Baking sheet

Parchment paper

Electric mixer

Deep skillet

Slotted spatula

Before You Start – Prepare a clean work surface for kneading the dough and lightly flour the surface. This recipe requires rising of the dough (about 45 minutes) preheat oven at about 30 minutes of rising time to 400 ° Line the baking sheet with parchment paper.

Lets Make It!  Combine the yeast, Splenda (sugar), salt and 2 cups of the flour in a large mixing bowl .Warm 1 1/2 cups of water in the microwave until it registers 130° on the cooking thermometer (about 1.45 minutes) Add 1 Tbsp. of olive oil to the water and then add the water oil mixture to the flour mixture. Using an electric mixer on medium high speed beat until smooth (about 2 minutes).  Reduce the mixer speed to low and gradually add 1/2 cup at a time of flour until you have added 2 more cups of flour. Continue mixing until the dough begins to pull away from the sides of the bowl. Turn the dough out onto your lightly floured surface. Using your hands (lightly flour your hands) knead in 1/2 cup of the remaining flour until dough is smooth (add more flour if dough is sticky) knead for 3 minutes.  Coat the bottom and sides of a clean large bowl with the remaining olive oil. Place the dough into the bowl, and then turn it over ,so it is olive oil side up in the bowl. Cover with a clean tea towel and let rest in a warm place until it doubles in size ( about 45 minutes) remember to preheat your oven about 30 minutes into the rising time.

After the dough has risen, using your knuckles, punch down the dough ( your not boxing so don’t go crazy) and then cut into 8 pieces. Lightly flour your hands and roll each piece into about a  1/2 inch rope . Working with one rope at a time, shape the pretzel twists (or pretzel shapes) and dot the ends with water to help it stick together. Place onto the prepared baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining dough.

In a large deep skillet, bring 5 cups of water and the baking soda to a simmer over medium high heat. Place a couple of pretzels at a time into the water and simmer for 30 seconds, then using the slotted spatula turn them over and simmer 30 seconds more. Using the spatula, transfer back onto the baking sheet. Sprinkle with your desired toppings ( I went a little crazy with the salt). Repeat with the remaining pretzels.  Bake on the top rack of the oven until dark golden brown ( about 20- 25 minutes.)

Makes 6-8

Do you dip your pretzels? ( in mustard, ranch dressing, etc.)


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  1. I love pretzels, but must admit I would never take the time and effort to make them. They sure make a good snack if your stuck shopping, though!

  2. Oops… meant “you’re”.

  3. Poor Izzy! That awful neck cone followed by oral surgery and neutering. He’s probably wondering what’s next. I hope that’s the end of his doggie problems for a long time. Love pretzels all my life! Have a great week, Katie!

  4. andrea cammarata says:

    Sending hugs to all…especially little IZZY!!! : ) Wishing you a picture perfect day and home made pretzels are worth it!!! : ) hugs my friend and thank you for being you!

  5. Hope she’s on the mend! Those pretzels look so. darned. good! :)

  6. Sounds delicious! I’ll have to make this for my husband!

  7. Nicole Robinson says:

    These look delicious!! I will definetely have to try them. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I hope Izzy is feeling better. These pretzels look so delicious Katie. I would enjoy some on this holiday here in Jamaica. Have a great Monday.

  9. Poor Izzy. Lots of love and snuggling prescribed.

    And, yum! I’m not a dipper.

  10. ColleenB. says:

    pretzels look wonderful but what’s the purpose of putting them in the soda water? Have never heard of that process before.
    Thanks for the recipe

  11. I’m not much good when it comes to making anything with yeast in it. Usually my breads and foods made with yeast turn out hard and chewy at best. HAH I love pretzels and yours look so good, and I bet they taste a whole lot better than the ones I see in the kiosks in the Mall’s. :)

    I hope your sweet little Izzy is feeling better today. I remember when my dog Josie was alive, every time she had to have surgery it bothered me as much as if it were one of my children. She always “ate up” the attention! HAHA

  12. I could make those! Well, with some help.
    Glad Izzy is doing better.

  13. They look yummy! Hope this finds you feeling better :)

  14. yummy! Those look really good. This might be next on my baking list. Seeing as now for the moment my chaos has quieted down this week, maybe some baking is required. Had out of control neighbors last week, which got scary, but thank god nobody got hurt. I’m away from it for the most part as I’m hanging out at my kids house all day and am only home in the evenings.

  15. That Michigan game was not pretty if you’re a fan (my hubby is attending UM right now).

    The pretzels look good.

    I’m really glad your Izzy is recovering well. :)

  16. Yum! I absolutely love soft pretzels! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe, we’ll definitely be trying these :-)

  17. Back on my feet from much needed time off…I’ve been under the weather. Catching up now. Thank you for participating in the Getting To Know You blog hop. It’s always great to see you there. Have a blessed day.

  18. Those look more than appetizing! YUMMY!

  19. Thay look really good Katherine, I’ve never made them, maybe now it;s the right time.

  20. I’m partial to mustard, myself.

    Poor Izzy! I can’t bear that darling dog in pain. I’m glad Iz got all the cuddles. Poor baby.

  21. yum! I think I tried to make soft pretzel once…I was somehow unsuccessful…but it was also about 10 years ago…

  22. Im glad that Izzy is getting better! =)

    I **love** pretzels! Thanks for the recipe!

  23. You’ve just hit on one of my weaknesses… breads, soft doughy beauties!

  24. Yep. I’m a dipper. Really just about anything tastes good on a pretzel. I’m partial to salmon spread. Thanks for the recipe I’ll probably never make because I’m too lazy, but admire those who have the verve to do so.

  25. This looks so delicious! Thank you dear Katherine for the inspiration

  26. I’m in love with this recipe!
    I would love to have you share this or any other of your recipes at Wednesday Extravaganza – my Foodie Link Party! Here is the link:

    Can’t wait to see you there!

  27. Oh my! These look and sound delicious! Thanks for sharing!


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