Patriot Games

Patriot Games

Oops posting a little late this morning. I’m counting down to America’s birthday. I found some fun ideas for Patriot Games on pinterest to help with your last minute holiday entertaining. Click on the image to visit. All images belong to their respective blogs.

Free Printables and great ideas for children using  sparklers!

fourth of july party ideas

Simple berries on a plate make a sweet statement
patriotic fruit display

Fourth of July popsicles will keep you cool.

homemade popcicliesGreat last minute ideas to create a fun get together

fourth of July entertaining ideas

Will you use any of these ideas for your Fourth of July entertaining, what will be part of your Patriot Games.

See you at the hop tomorrow!!
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  1. Love those popsicles and am so pinning this whole post for that and all the other wonderful ideas you shared here. Thanks and Happy 4th of July, Katie!! :)

  2. Happy 4th Katherine! Thanks for getting us all in the mood for a great celebration :)

  3. Yay! Fab round up!

  4. What a great colledtion of ideas. I find that paying attention to fun holiday details can really make it more fun for everyone. I like to turn things from just a day into a celebration. These ideas will help to do that.

  5. Thank you for this list Katherine! Love the idea of bringing/presenting a simple plate of berries for a BBQ I’m going to tomorrow. Also might have the children make pinwheels… thank you + Happy 4th! :)

  6. GREAT post for the 4th! Hope you have a Fabulous HOliday!

  7. YUM! I love all of these delicious themed treats!

  8. Excellent idea with the cup to protect the hand from sparkler burns!

  9. Please pass the berries!
    Have a wonderful Fourth, Katherine.

  10. Lots of fun ideas :) Happy 4th of July! ~Pernilla

  11. D. Jean says:

    Those fresh fruits are yummy looking. Great ideas. Maybe next year.

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