Hollyhocks In The Sun


The heat and water rationing has been taking its toll on our lawn and flower garden. Sadly we have lost several beautiful plants and containers filled with lovelies too. But, the hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) seem happy with the heat and the bright sunshine as they stand tall in all their beauty.

holly hocks photo

Each bloom reminds me of little tissue flowers. So delicate and transparent yet they withstand the heat and stand tall against the hot dessert mountain breezes.

hollyhocks in garden

The deep pink hollyhocks are quickly becoming my favorite with their pretty fucia color it stands out against the backdrop of its paler cousin.

pink hollyhocks

Some of the containers under the shade of the patio are hanging in there too. The petunias don’t seem to mind the heat and continue to share their fragrant blossoms every time I open the door to let Izzy out.

container gardens

garden bird statues

yellow petunias

My sweet hubby just sneaked off with the camera and took a photo of a bowl of fresh beans from our vegetable garden. He asked me how to prepare them for freezing. A brief tutorial and he vanished. I soon found him blanching beans in the kitchen ready to go in the freezer. He had enough to fill five bags full. We should have several more bowls full soon.

fresh garden green beans

Is the weather where you are helping or hurting your plants?

See you at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop, I look forward to seeing what you have to share. Please invite your readers to join in the fun too.

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful and awesome on those beans!! Happy Wednesday Katie!! :)

  2. Hollyhocks always take me back to my childhood and summers by the lake. And specifically one cottage garden that was full of hollyhocks all the way to the sidewalk.

    We’ve had so much rain that our grass is still green – very unusual for mid-July. But I’m not complaining!!

  3. Look at those pretty flowers! I’m thinking we may pick up some Petunias if they don’t mind the heat!

  4. Good Afternoon Katherine, I am sorry to hear that you are losing some of your plants due to drought, but your Hollyhocks look magnificent and seem to be thriving. I love both shades of pink, but I agree with you, my favourite is the deeper pink.
    Your petunias look beautiful and such a lovely shade of deep blue. Isn’t it wonderful picking produce from your own garden. I am harvesting radishes at the moment as we have glorious weather which has made the radishes put on a spurt. My husband is pleased as he loves them.
    The weather here is unusually hot at the moment, but luckily, we do not have any water restrictions as we receive our water from the the Kielder Dam, which is just a few miles down the road.
    Have a lovely day,
    Best Wishes

  5. Your Hollyhocks sure do look like tissue paper flowers! They’re absolutely stunning.

    We’ve been deluged in rain and most of the annuals I planted in the flowerbed have rotted. My husband built flower boxes along the edge of the chicken coop roof (idea from The Chicken Chick) and those annuals are doing great! I think next year I will have him build me some for our ‘coop’ 😉

  6. Considering the summer heat, your flowers still look great. Would you believe the last few days in Maine have been warmer than in Houston? Crazy and no AC!

  7. Your hollyhocks and petunias are so pretty. I’m glad they are holding on in your dry spell. We’ve had almost 2 weeks of heat and sunshine, finally, but the weeds have grown along with the plants. Everything is doing well so far and there is rain in the forecast so we should be alright. The grass is turning brown in a few spots but will be green again. We don’t water our lawn as we are in the country and on a well but I’ve been watering plants every evening. Blessings.

  8. Kelly Rogers (@KgRogers72) says:

    These are lovely flowers, I just had to Pin the Hollyhocks!

  9. The green beans look wonderful

    and I guess moving some of the potted flowers to the shaded area will help them, our heat index today will be 98

  10. Katie, all your flowers are gorgeous but since I *am* a self-declared “pink girl,” I am really loving those pink hollyhocks! :-)

    Blessings on your day & your lovely flower garden!

  11. We dont have any outside plants right now…
    Its been pretty warm here in KS! =)

  12. I adore hollyhocks. I have always wanted to plant some. You have inspired me to put them on my list for next year.

  13. Beautiful flowers! Pinning… :)

  14. Hurray, this is the second hollyhocks WW I’ve hopped to today! Gorgeous.

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Treasury: A Rose during Christmas in July

  15. You have a lot of nice flowers. Sorry you’re losing some of them. We’ve had so much rain this past month – wish I could send some your way. We’ve been flooding we’ve had so much.

  16. tumbleweedcontessa says:

    I had hollyhocks for a while. They were beautiful. One spring I was in Santa Fe, NM and I saw more different colors than I knew existed in hollyhocks. Yours are lovely. I may have to try them again next season.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,
    Linda @ Tumbleweed Contessa

  17. Dottie says:

    Hollyhocks are my favorite flower,. They remind me of my grandmother’s garden.


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