Small Space Coffee Tea Station

Small Space Coffee and Tea Station-

teaIn our kitchen you will find that I try my best to keep things clean and functional. Our kitchen is approximately 14 feet by 12  feet and every inch needs to be functional.  Although I definitely like having a few pieces of pretty decor. But mostly it’s all about function. The coffee and tea station is the perfect example of this. Hubby’s two different coffee makers fit perfectly in the small counter space between the stove and the pantry. The cupboard above is where the bleary eyed can have easy  access to everything needed to make that cup of Joe or cup of tea to start the day. You have seen the bottom shelf of our coffee and tea station in a  previous post for new uses for old things  But, just above you can see we have plenty of mugs and tea cups too. My kettle has a permanent spot on the stove. :-)

You may notice the salt and pepper shakers in the cupboard. I know they are not coffee or tea related, but that is where we keep them. :-) The basket at the top holds things that are not coffee related also. One day perhaps I will have that butler’s pantry I have always admired. I am fortunate that I have this lovey kitchen and a pantry already. We are perfectly content with our little coffee and tea station.



easy coffee and tea station coffee station

create a coffe and tea station in a small space

Our Kitchen


kitchen decorkitchen

Izzy’s treats are always on the counter ( yes those are cheerios)

vintage heartdog treats

Butlers pantries often have running water, a wine storage area and a coffee/tea station. In addition they have plenty of cupboards for holding dishware and glassware from everyday to extra special. I looked around and found some lovely butlers pantry images .  Note-( all images belong to and are linked back to their original source) The  last one is my favorite ♥

Butlers Pantries

butlers pantry

butlers pantrybutlers pantry


butlers pantry

butlers pantrybutlers pantry


Do you have a coffee and/or tea station in your kitchen? Or a butlers pantry?  Did this post inspire you to create one?


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Have a wonderful weekend everyone. :-)

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  1. Lovely kitchen and lovely inspirations too. I have a spot near the stove for making tea and things. It’s nice. I hope you have a gorgeous weekend doll xx

  2. Hi Katherine,
    I love the kitchen, it is absolutely brilliant, but how do you work in such a small space. The only room in the house that I really want space in is my Kitchen, especially as Les and I quite often try and cook together, but even then with my Kitchen we are usually one at a time unless we are doing dishes then we do them together.
    I hope that you have a fantastic day.
    Love and best wishes.

  3. I so envy your big kitchen, mine is so tiny. I have to cram everything in tiny spots. Hope you have a great day.

  4. Love your coffee station,, so nice having everything close together!

  5. Honestly my kitchen is just your normal average run of the mill kitchens and I have my Keurig machine (yes I don’t know how I lived without for all those years) sitting on top of one of my countertops. But look at all the kitchen inspirations above and totally drooling now! Happy Friday Katie and thanks for sharing :)

  6. No matter the size of a kitchen, it must be functional to be a space you enjoy it looks like yours serves you well. Yes, I have a butler’s pantry and it’s one of my favorite spaces.

  7. Your kitchen looks like a perfect place for a relaxed cup of coffee, very pretty! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Love your little coffee/tea station, Katie! My choice of where to keep the coffee maker has always been right next to the sink so it’s very easy to refill by just pulling out the extendable faucet and filling the reservoir that way. I love that! We are part of a local “family” group and take turns hosting coffee on Wednesdays. I’ve set things up so anyone can find anything they need very easily: mugs are in the cupboard right next to where the coffee maker sits, and I keep a small basket next to the coffee maker with tea bags, sugar, sweeteners, a small bottle of honey, and even a couple of packets of hot cocoa mix. And all the eating utensils are in a drawer in the same area. It works very well for us!

  9. Oh deary me…those pantries have me drooling!! It’s going to be a while before we will have a place (with a pantry) of our own, but a girl can still dream, right?

  10. I dont have a coffee station ( yet ) in my kitchen…but planning on one.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. The second to last one with the ‘wine’ station is my favourite! Although I drink more coffee it would be perfect as the coffee machine is right next to it! Great post 😀

  12. theseanamethod says:

    I don’t have a Butler’s pantry either, but they sure are appealing. Your kitchen is really nice, though. I always suggest people keep the mugs right above the coffee as well.. just easier when one is only half awake:)

  13. Yes, we have a coffee station but the Butler’s Pantry is used as a catch-all/desk – lol Very nice kitchen, thanks for sharing.

  14. Katherine, I agree with you, I like the last one best. It is bigger than my first kitchen! LOL! I love that your kitchen is so neat and functional. I try to keep mine that way but often let decor get in the way. I will purge the counters and start again. We have a bit of coffee station near the bar sink. Our home is too small for a butler’s pantry but one would be so nice.
    Great post, Thanks for sharing, Ginger

  15. I do not have room in my pantry for one, but my stepmother has a little station in her kitchen. Although I do have all my teas in a tray on top of the microwave and keep the honey and sugar bowl by it.

  16. love your organized kitchen and having everything where you need it makes it organized and life easier in the morning.

  17. rozpaige says:

    Katherine, I, too, have a corner in my kitchen that is dedicated to coffee, espresso and tea. Above are our mugs and coffee beans, and tea bags. Love it all in one location. I had a butler’s pantry added to our house when we built it, between my kitchen, the dining room, and my pantry room. It looks very similar to the second one that you featured (antiqued white too!). Great taste my dear! Love all of the green accents in your kitchen too!

  18. Dear Catherine, I am still getting life back together after Hurricane Sandy, though it is coming along step by step. I do think you kitchen look lovely.
    I keep my coffee maker in the same spot each day too.

    Have a great week. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  19. Love your kitchen! I am doing a giveaway today and would love if you would stop by and check it out!

  20. I have a microwave cart that I use to store my tea items. The top of the cart has a mini station on it for sweeteners and the shelf you see has my very small collection of tea related items (i.e. tea pots, steepers, and of course teas). I love your space!

  21. When I lived in Utah I had a kitchen in the same layout as yours.
    I also created a small coffee/tea station. Makes things so convenient!
    ღ Have a wonderful day today.

  22. Katherine,
    Hi! Your kitchen’s bigger than mine by a long shot! I do like the way that you have your coffee/tea corner!

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