Decoupaged French Pots Tags Craft

Decoupaged French Pots Tags Craft-

poppyI just love a craft that provides a wonderful touch of special. When you take something simple and make it elegant.I am tickled to have the very talented Poppy from With A Dash Of Color as my guest today. Her sweet blog features beautiful vignettes, tablescapes and lots and lots of pretty. She is especially fond of Country French and Tuscan décor and a little bit of coastal style too. ♥ Today she is sharing a bit of craftiness with some Decoupaged French Pots and Tags Craft



Hello, dear friends! I am Poppy from With a Dash of Color. Decorating my home, crafting, and adding creative touches and accents have always been my passions. Drawing inspiration from other creative bloggers like you and the beautiful natural world around us, I enjoy creating my own haven. Today, I am so excited to share my decoupaged French pots at Katherine’s beautiful blog, and I appreciate her loving friendship for inviting me.


Decoupaged French Pots and Tags


Supplies for this project:

Acrylic Paints (of your choice)

Seed starter fiber pots

Wooden tag

Foam brush and a small artist brush

Mod Podge (matte finish)

White Tissue Paper

Card Stock Paper


I applied one coat of acrylic paint (moon-yellow) on the fiber pot and dabbed on some white paint over it with a damp paper towel.

For transferring the graphics, follow these simple steps (hundreds of graphics can be found on the Internet and through Pinterest):

Step 1.   Take a white tissue paper and iron it smooth (iron on low setting without steam) to remove any wrinkles from the tissue paper. Then, cut the tissue paper to match 8×10 card stock paper (adding a couple inches on all sides so you can turn the tissue paper over and tape the edges to the back of the card stock).

Note: It’s important to use card stock paper instead of regular printer paper, since the latter might get jammed in your printer).


Step 2. Turn the tissue paper over and tape the edges of the tissue to the card stock paper (top, bottom, left, and right sides). Make sure all the edges are taped down and smooth to prevent getting jammed in the printer.


Step 3.  Now, select an image of your choice saved in your computer and print out the graphic on the tissue paper-card stock duo. Fingers crossed, at this point, and hope that it prints out smoothly. :) It usually works like a charm, as long as the tissue paper is smooth and taped down to the card stock.



Once you have the image on the tissue paper, let the ink dry. Then, simply cut it out and apply it to the center of the fiber pot using a couple coats of mod podge and a small artist brush. Allow it to dry thoroughly in between coats.





bee planter pot

They make adorable hostess gifts, mothers’ day gifts, or even as party favors for an outdoor garden party. There are endless possibilities! I housed mine under a glass cloche, and they look so endearing on my tabletop vignette!

bee pot vingette

On to the French script tag hanging from the glass cloche.

Step 1. Paint the wooden tag with white acrylic paint. I used “Picmonkey,” a photo editing site, to create a mirror image of the French script, and then saved it on my computer. Print out the mirrored- French script on regular printer paper.

Step 2. Allow the ink to dry. Cut the French script in the shape of the wooden tag (I used the tag as a template to cut the paper).

Step 3. Apply mod podge on the graphic side, and place it face down on the wooden tag (see picture below Step 3). Smooth it out with your fingers to remove all the air bubbles. Let it dry thoroughly (at least 5-6 hours. No peeking in between!). I let it dry overnight.

Step 4. Next, mist the mod podged graphic with water, and let the water soak in for a couple of minutes.

Step 5. After that, I gently rubbed off the paper using my thumb.

Note: You may have to spray water a couple of times to keep the graphic moist, as you slowly rub the paper off, depending on the size of  your project.

mod podge crafts

And that’s it! You have a beautiful French script tag, and it’s yours to decorate however you wish! I hot-glued some green moss and a sweet silk yellow forsythia flower in the middle. To me, it symbolizes the return of spring!









Decoupaged tag

I love crafting and creating things! It relaxes me, and at the end of the day it is so satisfying to know I made something pretty to share and enjoy!

 bee pots vingette  katherines Corner

These simple seed starter pots and wooden tags can be beautifully transformed to make lovely accents in any vignette.

candles vingette

Thank you so much Katherine, for having me as your guest today! I had a fun time :-)

Happy crafting! Hugs, Poppy


Thank you Poppy! These pretty decoupaged pots and tags are a beautiful addition to home decor and your vignettes are lovely.


Don’t these lovely pots and tags make you want to go out and buy a little Mod Podge?


Happy crafting sweet bloggy friends. I hope to see you at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Remember you can start linking up tomorrow night at 8PM ( MST)

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  1. So very pretty and very much loved seeing how to do this! Thanks for sharing with us today :)

  2. theseanamethod says:

    These are adorable — what a lovely gift for spring birthdays! I think I’ll try it:)

  3. Hello, I come from the blog Poppy Sweetheart.

    Love her work.

    Very beautiful.


    Ligia e = ^. ^ =

  4. Wow, they are really beautiful. I love these kinds of things. Thanks

  5. Wow those are gorgeous
    xx, Jodi

  6. Love the cute little pots and if my To Do list wasn’t so long, I would be making some. I will pin the idea for the future.


  7. Hi lovely lady.
    I love this Idea thanks so much for sharing with us. Also thanks for your sweet comment on my St. Patrick’s Day tablescape. Hoping you have a wonderful week with your family. God Bless xxoo

  8. I’m curious about something. How long do those fiber pots last? Don’t they get soggy? I’ve seen them, but never used one.

    • Gosh I don;t think they would be soggy. Decoupage hardens and I’m sure with care they would last a long time. Hugs

    • Thanks for your sweet thoughts! As long as they are not in contact with water, they hold up pretty good and are used for decorative purpose only. I have made a bunch of these decoupaged fiber pots as they make wonderful gifts and they do last a long time. Hope this helps :) Hugs, Poppy

  9. By the way, these look awesome!

  10. I LOVE this and thnk I need t try it soon!!!

  11. Thanks, everyone! Your sweet words make me smile! It is always so much fun working with decoupage and these were so simple to make. Thank you Katherine for having me today, I am having a wonderful time :) Warm hugs, Poppy

  12. These are really cute. I love the grouping.

  13. Just gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing.

  14. I just love this project~ I may even attempt it thanks to the detailed how~to! Poppy your work always looks like it could be featured in a high end magazine! Pretty blog, Katherine! I’m glad I came by! :)

  15. These are so cute, what a fun DIY!

  16. So beautiful! I have a jar of mod podge just waiting for a project like this! Thanks so much for sharing…Aloha, Lori

  17. So awesome, I love the pot, it looks gorgeous!! Have a lovely day doll xx

  18. What a great craft idea. I love the Bee.. reminds me of Utah (which I miss sometimes terribly!)
    I always have mod podge. It comes in handy for tons of things.
    I am going to make some of these myself!

  19. I love Poppy’s blog and I think this project looks amazing. I am now ready to go out and buy some pots and tags!

  20. Completely beautiful and elegant! Thanks for sharing how you achieved this look. :-)

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