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Jul 08 2014

Summer 2014 Giveaway

Summer 2014 Giveaway- Its time for the July giveaway! This month there will be three winners! One for each prize! With some help from

Jun 25 2014

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop 145

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop 145 It’s Time for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop and I can’t wait to see what you link up this week. ♥ My favorite thing this week is…..This sweet puppy couch. Izzy is loving his new couch. He received it as a gift from a sweet friend in Arizona.Don’t …

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Jan 31 2014

Decor I Adore-Sun Rooms

Decor I Adore, Sun Rooms- I always enjoy visiting blogs that share their home décor and I often squeal with delight when they are sharing their sun rooms. Sun rooms bring the outside in. They provide an extension of the home that is filled with the warmth and light of the outside along with the …

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Jan 17 2014

Small Space Coffee and Tea Station

Small Space Coffee and Tea Station- In our kitchen you will find that I try my best to keep things clean and functional. Our kitchen is approximately 14 feet by 12  feet and every inch needs to be functional.  Although I definitely like having a few pieces of pretty decor. But mostly it’s all about …

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Nov 28 2013


Thanksgiving Today is the day of Thanksgiving here in the USA. A whole day dedicated to the giving of thanks. I spend my life in gratitude of every day and all that I am allowed to receive. But, on this special day I am extra grateful for all of the blessings in my life and…No …

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Nov 15 2013

A New Way To Organize Recipes

A New Way To Organize Recipes   Every week I share a recipe or two with you. I love sharing and I also love it when you share your recipes with me. I enjoy finding recipes on websites and pinterest too. That’s a whole lot of recipes to keep track of. I am in a constant …

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Sep 03 2013

Just Five Minutes

Just Five Minutes Did you realize there are several things you can accomplish around the house in just five minutes? We just enjoyed a long weekend here in the US and I thought I would do a few things around the house that I had been planning on getting around to. I’m laughing right now, …

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May 13 2013

A Little Pick Me Up

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  It is Tid Bit Tuesday …time for over sharing…Many of you know that my beautiful Mother went back home yesterday, after a lovely two week visit. Time flew and it was a pure joy having her here. Especially for Mothers day. I was feeling a bit down in …

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Feb 20 2013

Tea For Thee

It’s Wordy Wordless Wednesday and I have tea for Thee… I’m sending you love and tea, To warm your winter’s day. Think of me as you pour your cup And all the good things we would say. If we could be together now Instead of miles apart, We’d sip our teas and memories, The sweet …

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Dec 15 2012

Yippee We Have Snow

Yippee, we have snow!!! I hadn’t plan to post today. But, I could not contain my excitement and I wanted to share with you. A peek from our front door. Do you have snow? you can see a previous  ( better) winter photo here and I found a few older photos to share that were …

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Nov 15 2012

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop 62

It’s time for one of my Favorite Things! But, before we get started today I wanted to toot my horn for a minute. I found out this morning that Katherines Corner is being featured at Bloggers.com today! Thank you to all who make this blog hop so much fun! I’m happy to have Stephanie from …

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Sep 19 2012

Tulip Teapot

tulip teapot 1 KCB

Wordless Wednesday -Tulip Teapot See you at the Thursday Favorite Things hop tomorrow. Please share it with your friends it’s such a great party thanks to you! Linking to- Create With Joy, Naptime Momtog  and Paulas Wordless Wednesday Please DO NOT leave blog links in the comments, thank you ♥ I do my best to …

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Sep 27 2011

Tomatoes and Peppers What To Do

Tomatoes and Peppers Marinara Before I get started with today’s post.  I wanted to mention the change in the comments section. You all know how much I love your comments.Love them!! I try and reply to them all here at Katherines Corner ( sometimes I fall behind) . But the other day I had over …

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Sep 02 2011

Lemon, One Squeeze Or Two

bowl of rice

I love to share fun new uses for things. I have  mentioned vinegar and olive oil in the past. But lemons are handy for more than the rim of your favorite ice tea. Side note I bought these wood bowls for only $2.00 each at Tuesday morning.             Did you …

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Aug 27 2011

A Simple Change, Inexpensive Room Makeover


I started thinking the other day about the cost of room makeovers. I love to do room change ups, as I refer to them. I posted about my kitchen not to long ago click here for part one, click here for part 2, click here for the final part 3. There is one room in …

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May 24 2011

A Walk Around The Yard

front porch

Today I thought I’d take you for a little walk around our yard. Things are growing, little sprouts are sprouting, and we’ve been busy planting. The weather here has been taking it’s toll on our poor plants. Lots of cold and rain and even a little snow. But we’ve still got some lovely spots of …

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May 03 2011

Cottage Living

cottage by the water

On my vision board I have always had images of a little house ( cottage) by a lake. For those of you who read my blog regularly you know that I do live in a lovely home in an area where I have a mountain view out of the kitchen window and a lake view …

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Feb 28 2011

Pretty Little Boxes

I had to restrain myself when I was at the shop the other day. I’m usually pretty good about buying just what is needed. I try not to stray to far from the list. But,I am drawn like a magnet to pretty boxes. I just love them. There’s just something wonderful about putting something ordinary …

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