purple bedroom

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  1. I love your blog, your posts and your wonderfully positive attitude. I have followed you for several years and loved reading the About section of your life. It is also a dream of mine to live in a cottage by the water one day. I have looked at your art room and the photos of parts of your home. I would kill to have such a clean, well-organized and lovely home. I have been disabled since 2012 and my 26 year old son moved back home. He has cared for me, fixing my meals, etc., but is a horrible housekeeper and my house is a horrible looking mess. I fell again in 2014 and broke my right tibia/fibula in 7 places. After a month in the hospital and a surgical repair, as well as physical therapy I finally went home. I fell again and even though I thought I broke my right hip, I waited 20 days before going to the hospital. I had to have a hip replacement. Now, they aren’t sure if I will be able to ever have the right knee replacement. I knocked several of my front teeth out in both falls. I saw something about you falling. I hope you weren’t hurt too badly. It is amazing how much damage can happen to us during a small fall. I hope you are fine! Keep doing what you are doing because you have lots of loyal followers.

    1. Deborah, it is a pleasure to share with you. You left a lot of love on my blog and it means so much to learn that I can shine a little happy from my part of cyberspace. I love sharing with you and I pray your health issues have improved. It is my pleasure to share with you and to have you among my bloggy friends. Hugs and God bless, Katherine

  2. I still just LOVE this space! It’s soooo good! Thank you for linking up at Found & Foraged! We hope to see you again Saturday night at 8PM! Kyla @ house of hipsters.com And thank you for allowing me to link up on your giveaway page!

  3. Love the ‘new’ room, I liked the prior version, too! I’m jealous of your closet feature. Working own my own, but have a LONG way to go. Allocating space in one room for four functions is SO overwhelming. LOL.

  4. I like your space, Katherine, warm and pretty like you. Now, do you want to come over and do something with mine? I tend to plop myself behind the computer and not leave. One of these days. 🙂

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